How We Lose Our Country’s Democracy In One Easy Step!

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“The World Health Organization is proposing a global pandemic agreement that would give it undemocratic rights over every participating nation and its citizens. Put simply, in the event of a pandemic, the WHO’s constitution would replace every country’s constitution, whether the elected leaders of this country would agree or not. So there you are! I received an announcement of this proposal with only a few hours left to respond to it. Really – an announcement of this type should give more time to respond. I hope my response got there in time. But I don’t think it matters. This is where the New World Order comes into the picture. And once it is implemented it will be forever. No one likes to relinquish power. The only way to get out of this is to get out of the WHO and the United Nations.”

No, that’s not how it works at all:

“Article 19 of the WHO Constitution gives the World Health Assembly the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on matters of health. A two-third majority is needed to adopt such conventions or agreements.”

There’s no “automatic replacement of a nation’s constitution” by the World Health Organization.

“The INB (intergovernmental negotiating body) held its first meeting on February 24, 2022. The second meeting, where the members are expected to discuss the progress on a working draft, is scheduled to be held by August 1, 2022. A progress report is expected to be delivered to the 76 th World Health Assembly in 2023, and its outcome will be submitted to the 77 th World Health Assembly in 2024 for consideration. Intermittent public hearings are also planned.

In December 2021, the World Health Assembly adopted a decision titled “The World Together” at its second special session since it was founded in 1948.
Under the decision, the health organisation established an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate the contents of the pandemic treaty in compliance with Article 19 of the WHO Constitution.
The pandemic treaty is expected to cover aspects like data sharing and genome sequencing of emerging viruses and equitable distribution of vaccines and drugs and related research throughout the world.
Most countries have followed the “me-first” approach which is not an effective way to deal with a global pandemic, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.”

Short Term Rentals: Time to Pause

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Thank you for your post. I agree 100% that STRs have gotten out of hand. We had our own experience with them:
A new house was built behind us. When it was sold, we met the neighbor, a nice woman who said she would be living their full time. A couple of weeks later, a hot tub was installed. After that, the STR sign went in the window. Then, the parties started because you can’t rent a house with a hot tub and not have a party, right? Loud music, doors slamming, people yelling at all hours of the night. It got so bad that the owners of the house next door quickly moved out and made their house an STR as well. We called the management company multiple times. We entered complaints with the county. We called the Sheriff regularly. We had a meeting with the county and the management company showed up but not the owner. Seems she didn’t want to get involved. Nothing helped. Every two days or so, a new group would show up and the process would start again. We were miserable.
I relate our experience not for pity, we ended up building another house in an area with better rules about STRs, but to relate what can happen. From our experience, the county’s authority is limited, the management company doesn’t care as long as they get paid and the owner doesn’t care because she making money and doesn’t have to live next to it. Since we were outside Manzanita, they didn’t care either. It’s all about a few people making money at the expense of the community.
I would like the city to explain:
• Why is commercial activity allowed in residential areas?
• Why is it not supportive of the motels in the area that are zoned for rentals? Seems like allowing STRs is taking business away from them.
• Why doesn’t the city create STR zones like Lincoln City, Newport, etc. where they are allowed and make the rest of the community STR free? If bigger cities can do it, why can’t we?
I look forward to hearing what the city has to say at the meeting tomorrow. People with opinions one way or the other are encouraged to attend.

Canada Today

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A few observations about the Freedom Convoy truckers:
When is a minority of a minority enfranchised to demand the resignation of a sitting head of state in return for ending a siege? This feels somewhat like Ammon Bundy and the Three Percenters in the U.S.
Didn''t the Timber Unity truckers demand Kate Brown''s resignation a couple of years ago in Salem?
Ottawa person-on-the-street interviewees had a hard time expanding on the rights/freedoms that had been so egregiously abridged. Perhaps that''s because the comfortable seldom have cause to think about them?
The Canadian military (unlike its U.S. counterpart) is mustering out active-duty service members who participated in this uprising. Also unlike the U.S., law enforcement was savvy enough not to turn protestors into examples of police abuse.
Not surprisingly, the link attached to this post takes you to a website that also features the fringy video [Nuremberg 2, Covid-19 as a crime against humanity] that D. Gainer posted on BBQ a few days ago. I''m also not surprised that the truckers'' cause has been embraced by Fox News and a dozen of the most unctuous and craven U.S. Senators.
Careful what you wish for.