In response to Mr. Kugler on Public Record to Run On!

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Mr. Kugler ran for Manzanita City Council November 2020. He placed fourth for the two open seats on Council. It was a close race, Mr. Kugler lost by 27 votes. Within a few days, Mr. Kugler wrote to local utility companies with a list of 27 Manzanita voters that he targeted as not being voters. He was asking for personal account information to show that we didn’t live in Manzanita. Mr. Kugler was attempting to use ORS 247.035 to prove we weren’t Manzanita voters.

Mr. Kugler says it’s not wrong in obtaining someone’s billing information. Really? Tillamook PUD said by subpoena only. The DMV Fraud Division was very responsive to inquiries on any attempt to obtain personal mailing details; they ran a check on my account. Manzanita Police Chief Harth did the same. DMV takes anyone attempting to access someone else’s data seriously.

I was one of those voters and I possess Mr. Kugler’s correspondence asking for my personal account details. I also possess all the correspondence filed with Tillamook County Clerk and the Oregon State Elections Office from Mr. Kugler and team.

How did Mr. Kugler determine that I was not a voter? I spend considerable time working at Aldercreek Farm every week. I assist with our local Food Bank. I sent out thank you membership letters for Friends of the Library and worked the book sale. I work with my local EVCNB cluster and volunteer for any EVCNB events. I have for years attended City Council meetings, the Planning Commission, STR workgroup, Budget Committee; it’s important to participate in my local government. This is where my home is.

Mr. Kugler says ORS 247.035 doesn’t care if you volunteer in your community. I care Mr. Kugler. It is part of my commitment to my community. According to Mr. Kugler it’s all about where your mail is sent. Mr. Kugler is living in the past, it’s online bill paying these days. Paperless billing.

Mr. Kugler accumulated information, much of it false, on the 27 voters and the information was distributed to the Tillamook County Clerk. In the end, all voters were exonerated. Mr. Kugler was dismayed that he was unable to change election results through his data gathering prior to the newly elected officials being sworn in.

In the November 2020 election, the state of Oregon had 140 election irregularities filed. 27 of those 140 were Manzanita.

Accusing your neighbors of voter fraud because they didn’t vote for you, is that adult behavior? Is that the behavior of a person running for office? How would you be trusted with more of my private information? Most of us had opposition signs in our yards so we were easy to pick off.

Mr. Kugler, I agree we need adults to govern. While you aren’t running in this election, you do want to be appointed to the Budget Committee. What should be the criteria of a good public servant? Working for all citizens, not a chosen few. Being trustworthy.

Your actions speak loudly Mr. Kugler.

In the upcoming election, I have to say that all of the Manzanita candidates running this time have put considerable work and time into their campaigns. They should all be commended for their efforts and I wish them all well.

Deb Tinnin
Manzanita voter