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“Another one bites the dust”……..

Female looking for a long term unfurnished rental property in Manzanita, Nehalem or Wheeler.

1 bedroom is good, 2 bedroom – fabulous, 1 bath, a garage would be awesome.

The rental property where I currently reside is to renovated by new owners starting December 31st, 2022. I have been fortunate to have had this current rental for a period of nearly 13 years.

Any leads which could be shared with me would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The upper end of my affordability is $1300 per month.

Please text first before calling, as unknown numbers go straight to voicemail. Email is also fine.
503.949.6349 (C)

Girl Scout’s looking for fleece fabric donations

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Hi there!
Our Girl Scout Troop here in Nehalem (#10522 ☺) are going to be making small fleece blankets for our local cat rescue, The United Paws. Does anyone have any spare fleece fabric that they are able to donate to us? The United Paws likes to provide these to the cats after they have their spay or neuter surgeries and also to send home when they are newly adopted. Thank you all so much in advance. ❤

Seeking Artists/Crafters for Holiday Bazaar

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Hello BBQ!

We’re seeking a few more artists and crafters for our upcoming Holiday Bazaar. (See poster for dates and details.)

We’re especially looking to add some folks who might offer something like… tea/coffee/edible things… natural cleaners would also be a cool addition.

But really, we’re all ears–let us know what you might like to sell/exhibit, and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Just so you know: artists/exhibitors do not need to be present at the Bazaar. Simply drop off your work and we handle all sales. (You keep 75% of the proceeds; there’s no cost/risk to exhibiting.)

If you have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, share with your artist/crafter friends!

-The Tolovana Arts Colony

Ride to Portland 11.20 or 11.21

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I am looking to catch a ride with someone who is driving from Manzanita/Nehalem to Portland either next Sunday, November 20, or early in the day on Monday the 21st. My ultimate goal is to get to PDX around noon on Monday. If going on Sunday, my destination will be the Goose Hollow neighborhood. I expect to be taking one suitcase. I’ll contribute to gas expense.

Thank you,
Mary Ruhl

Help Kill Rats PLEASE

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I live in an RV and rat evidence has been found in the storage underneath. I sealed some holes, put out moth balls and they are frequenting less. Put out a rat zapper and the bait is gone but no fried rats.

Tonight one was inside my cabinet under my sink. All the holes were sealed prior to keep out mice and were successful so I can’t for the life of me figure out how a rat got in. There’s no evidence of him being there but the noises I heard (loud noises and it definitely was in there) and I put a ton of moth balls under there now to help keep them out…but now my whole house smells strongly and I can’t even breathe 🙁

I’ve called exterminators but they either don’t do campers or I’m too far away.

I bought rat traps but they aren’t here yet. If anyone has experience with rat killing, trapping, whatever, please help me. I have a clean home, I got rid of all of my contaminated items in storage, I am literally doing everything the internet suggestions but bait traps because I don’t want them to die in the underbelly of my RV.

Please please please suggest something to help me. It’s causing enormous stress and I work like 60 hours a week so finding time to figure this out on my own is not working :(((

Seeking Advice

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I am looking for someone that decided to go to graduate school (or changed careers) after forty and would be willing to give me advice. I am in the process of applying for graduate school and am wondering if this is the best decision. I would like to hear a perspective from someone that has taken this path already and is retired. I don’t know anyone personally that has done this. Please email if interested in meeting with me.

Seeking subletters for Jan + March- Nehalem

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We’re looking for subletters for the month of January and the month of March for our 3 bedroom/1bath home in Nehalem Oregon.

It sits on an acre of forest, and is very peaceful.

The home will be fully furnished, has a heated outdoor tub, shower, and wood burning stove.

Asking 1,200

If you are interested in one of the months, please reach out and tell us about yourself. Asking that you feed our sweet cat.

Looking for a rental

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My little family and I are looking for a rental. In no rush right now as we’re just looking to see what’s out there. Preferably something under $1,400 from Rockaway to Cannon Beach. Any help would be appreciated! Please keep eyes and ears out for anyone whom you may know that has a home up for rent! If you have any questions, please text my cell, 503-812-2495.

Bakers Wanted for the Cannon Beach Library’s Holiday Tea

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We’re looking for bakers to donate goodies to the Cannon Beach Library’s Annual Holiday Tea. Baked goods can be dropped off at the library Friday, December 2nd before 4pm or Saturday, December 3rd between 10 am and noon. Please label your donations, including any allergens. Bring items on trays if you can (include a label with your name and number on the bottom if you’d like your tray returned) and please bake or cut items into smallish sizes (2” by 2”, for example).

Looking for Pink insulated foam board(s) scraps

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Looking for scrap insulated pink foam boards (preferably thickest 4″?) to build a box around sump pump to quiet it down. If you have recommendations on this please let me know. Will pay, or take off your hands scraps. At least 2′ length please.
Ben 503 939 4757 text/call

Seeking Land for Lease for RV living

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A new employee at a local non-profit will be moving to the area to take a permanent job. As you know, housing is pretty tough for the work force these days. This person is single and owns a new RV and is looking for a place to park and live long term. Local RV parks kick long term people out in the summer, so a land rental would be better. I can provide proof of employment etc.

Local movers

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Hello there;

I already have a call into Pickles Transport but would like back up local movers for possible last minute move for early next week. Please let me know of any interested parties. Googling movers is a nightmare of third party scammers out of the east coast. Looking for local help. thanks. This is a 100% for certain but want to get a head start on contacts. Ultimately I can rent a truck but need able bodies. I prefer a professional local mover. thanks

yoga looking for a nest

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hello everyone. I am late 50’s single woman and I returned to Tillamook county to help assist my elderly folks over 2 years ago. My father passed away in August and I would like to stay nearby my mother for a while so I’m looking for a 6 mths to a year lease near Nehalem/manzanita to nest and rest and stay close to mom. Ideally I want to feel rooted so bringing my things from my storage unit is ideal. It’s been a long journey and I’m ready to lean into community and rest. I am open to possibilities however would like to stay between 1,200 and 1,400 a month. I’m an excellent tenant and human that is kind and respectful. Open to a furnished place as well but would be shorter term if that’s the situation. look forward to hearing from you and allowing the beautiful space to find me. Thank you.


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I have a doctor’s appointment Monday near the I-5 South Boones Ferry Rd exit. My appointment is at 1:00. It is an ear appointment; nothing infectious. This doctor usually runs on time and I will be likely finished by 1:45. I am hoping for a round trip ride if possible. Will help with gas and can Uber to and from a point you choose once we are in town. I live in Bayside Gardens.
Text or call me is the best way to reach me. 503-812-2022 Thank you in advance, Sheila Moran