Shutting Down Small Farms in Oregon

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First off, I’m very much in favor of small farm and animal operations producing high-quality food and thriving. The recent story (1) featured by OPB Radio about a small producer caught up short by existing water rights laws on the books for more than a century is sad and I hope there’s some compromise available.

Generally, water rights are vastly complicated and probably do need periodic refurbishment.

Here’s what scares me about this issue: Once you’ve gone beyond a certain point of being unmindful about water use and abuse, it’s too late and there’s no going back.

I grew up in Iowa, consistently the number one or two ag producer in the U.S. Over the last 50 years the industrialization of farming, repeated boom-bust cycles, mind-boggling federal subsidies, vast use of chemicals, huge build-out of CAFOs (2), and right-wing governance have created a disaster that’s hard to comprehend. Flanked by the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, Iowa has a vast network of creeks and rivers. All but a few dozen miles are now poisoned with nitrates (as is much groundwater) and the state has the second-highest cancer rate in the country.

“Well, that’s the Midwest!” you say. We’re luckier or maybe just late to the game. The nitrate problems in Umatilla & Morrow Counties (3) are quite similar to Iowa.

(2) CAFO = Concentrated animal feeding operation

Here’s a fine book about Iowa’s problems:
The Swine Republic: Struggles with the Truth about Agriculture and Water:

Recycling for K9 Rescue

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A BIG thank you for all the 10 c redeem cans and bottles ! this pays for their vet bills , and other care needed to make this these dogs feel safe & loved again .
The drop off is in driveway of the little hair studio , 454 Dorcas Lane /5th.
Theron takes these to Tillamook to his sister who works for the Tillamook K9 Rescue.
to team work
corinna & Daniel & the Pack


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The community has many travelers. Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my request for Euros. And big thanks to Chuck and Barbara for maintaining the BBQ for so many years!
It would be great if the beneficiaries of the BBQ would contribute something to one of their favorite causes. It would be meaningful.
Thanks again!

RECEIVED Recommendations for Estate Lawyers

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Thank you to all who took the time to email me their recommendations for estate lawyers. I also received many emails from people who were also looking for an estate lawyer, so I have decided to share the information I received. Here are some of the recommendations:

Laura Laskey in Tillamook
Barbur Law
1000 N Main Avenue, Suite 7
Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 842-2553

Tammi Caress
Caress Law, PC
9400 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97225

Gail Vore, Attorney
Tamara Maher Law Firm
Beaverton Building
12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300
Beaverton, Oregon 97005
Gail Direct: 971-808-1466 or

Seaside Attorneys
842 Broadway
Seaside, Oregon 97138

Rachel Oh
3635 S Hood Avenue
Portland Oregon 97239
(503) 678-9677

Sarah Smyth Macintosh in Manzanita
144 Laneda Avenue, Suite 3
PO BOX 417
Manzanita, Oregon 97130

Scott Barbur in Tillamook;
1000 N Main Avenue, Suite 7
Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 842-2553

Macon Benoit
Campbell & Popkin, LLC
1580 N. Roosevelt Drive
Seaside, Oregon 97138

Emily Karr
Stoel Rives LLP
760 SW Ninth Avenue, Suite 3000
Portland, OR 97205

Sheila’s Meal Train Thank you

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Sheila is three weeks post surgical from a total hip replacement and is so grateful that she has been able to recover at home thanks to the enormous kindness and generosity of people in our incredible community. Thank you one and all. With a special SHOUT OUT to Chuck and the BBQ which provides such a vital network for our community to express it’s generous and caring nature.
I have included a link to Meal Train below

Nader should have been elected president

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When Ralph Nader recognized he had no chance of winning the honorable thing to do would have been to choke down his immense ego and thrown his support behind Gore which would have ensured a Gore win. Nader then would have had great influence in probably two Gore administrations, instead he faded into oblivion. What a different world we would have had with Gore as president and Nader perhaps in his cabinet instead of GW, Cheney and Rumsfeld! We now have a true nut job in RFK Jr running as an independent. If he helps Trump win he will displace Nader as the most harmful spoiler in history.


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This is an update on Sheila’s post surgery Meal Train. Thank You North Coast Community for “being here”. For having my back in this vulnerable time. I am a little over one week out from major surgery and because of your kind hearts, generosity and darn great cooking skills, I am well fed and able to manage here at home.
I am thankful for my healing progress. Sure and steady. It is slower than I hoped it might be but much better than I feared it could be. Seeing how I do over the next few days, I might add a few more days of requesting help with meals. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! ❤ Sheila

Manzanita Coffee Co. & Wanda’s Cafe

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The Bayside Gardens neighborhood emergency planning committee would like to thank Manzanita Coffee Co. & Wanda’s Cafe for supporting the growing “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” movement in our community.
These two local businesses have demonstrated time and again their commitment and support for local organizations, and they recently came through again with top raffle prizes at the Bayside Gardens Neighborhood End-Of-Summer Party (read more about this here》
If you appreciate this kind of community support, please stop in to say thank you personally (it makes a difference). While you are at it, pick up one of their tasty and fun Fall specials!
Thank you for caring…

Why ME for NCRD

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Posting for my friend and fellow Mahjong playing buddy, Susan Henderson Pierce

North County is fortunate to have Constance Shimek seeking a position on the North County Recreation District (NCRD) board. I have known and had multiple contacts with her for the last couple of years. During this time, she has been honest, trustworthy, intelligent, and keeps her word. Constance is not afraid to ask hard questions and she actually shows up. I have never heard her speak negatively about anyone. She is a secure problem solver. A vote for Constance is a vote you won’t regret.

Wonderful Piano Tuner

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First off, thank you all for the recommendations of a piano tuner! We did hire Caryn Backman. She did an AMAZING job! My husband can’t quit saying this is the BEST tuning he’s ever had – and, that’s saying something. We’ve used many, many tuning services throughout the years in the Portland area and, we’re amazed to find the best is right here at the coast! Caryn is, by far, the best. The time and attention to detail was absolutely first rate. We’re so incredibly pleased with her. She will forever be our go to tuning person. Thanks again to the community for answering my request and for recommending Caryn!

Egg laying chickens found a home

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My 3 Buff Orpington chickens have found a home with a young girl for her 4H project. My thanks to the many chicken ladies out there who responded so quickly and offered a home to these “girls”. I am grateful to all I talked to and met. You are all a society of “cluckers” who care and provide connection to the community in such a giving way. Thank you so much!

DOBERMAN attack on Manzanita Beach

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I’m in the dunes in that area almost every day with my little Corgi, but do not think we’ve ever seen a Doberman. Thanks for the warning. I’ll let you know if we see that dog.

Dog owners should know their dog’s behavior and be responsible. There is already sentiment here that leashes be required on the beach. However leashes ARE required in the state park yet I see many off-leash anyway. While dogs I’ve seen off-leash in the state park have been friendly, my experience on the beach has been different – my Corgi has been attacked many times on the beach and sadly most of the owners didn’t give a damn.

At least this Doberman has a muzzle. But any dog that aggressively gets into other dogs’ business should be on a leash. I have made a point of loudly calling out irresponsible dog owners in the past, and will continue to do so.