Ms Tinnin Truth Matters

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Ms Tinnin, seeking information through legal Public Records requests is a citizen’s right to assess legal compliance with State voter registration laws. The State Legislature says so and created specific criteria and processes to review registration compliance because people do not have the right to create their own subjective standards for determining where they get to vote.

You falsely claim in your October 7 BBQ post that somehow through a PUD public records request “(I) was asking for personal account information to show that we didn’t live in Manzanita.” and “I possess Mr. Kugler’s correspondence asking for my personal account details.”

No information of any kind was requested from DMV because these records are not available to the public so I have no idea why you would include those irrelevant statements. You have my permission to publicly share any correspondence that you claim to have in your possession between me and the County Elections Clerk and the Oregon State Elections Office to support your various claims.

Below is a copy of the correspondence with the PUD referenced by Ms. Tinnin in her post which clearly shows no personal account information was being requested nor was any received.

From:Tillamook People’s Utility District <>
Sent:Tuesday, November 17, 2020 4:58 PM
To:Marissa Durrer <>
Subject:New submission from Tillamook PUD Public Records Request Form:

I would request the City only to which your PUD billing is sent for the following physical addresses in Manzanita. I do not seek any personal identification information such as customer names, driver’s license or SS number, street numbers for mailing addresses, phone numbers etc. that would be prohibited under ORS 192.345 to 192.355. that would be connected to these physical addresses.
Thank you

Nine of the property owners in this inquiry with second homes here who registered just before the 2020 election and still own their Manzanita homes that they then claimed were their primary residence have decided that Manzanita is no longer their home and are not currently registered to vote here. Maybe the inquiry by the County Elections Clerk did some good and caused them to rethink where their primary residence is. If that is the case, then I think we all would agree that this inquiry by Manzanita residents in 2020 was worthwhile and in the interests of fostering voter registration integrity in both the upcoming and future elections.

Ms Tinnin, you are not a victim here but rather a citizen subject to the same laws that we all have to follow. If you do not believe that those laws are just, then work through our Legislature to amend them to better reflect your personal viewpoints. And please, can we all just acknowledge the worst kept secret in town from 2020, that being that second homeowners were actively being encouraged to change their voter registration?

Rather than waste any more time on this matter from the last election, let’s get back to what prompted your response, that being Mr. Keustner’s public record of comments on various City issues and qualifications as a City Councilor for the upcoming election.

Randy Kugler