Linda Kozlowsky for Manzanita City Council

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I am writing in response to the post below, from last night’s BBQ.

Even though I am a Nehalem resident, Manzanita and Wheeler are also important to me. Who is on city council in each of our three towns matters to me.

I have been thinking exactly the same thing as Ms. Edginton, that Linda’s historical knowledge from her 16 years on city council is extremely valuable. I feel it would be a loss to the effectiveness of the Manzanita city council to not have Linda still on the council as a liaison from the past to the future. Jerry Spegman is in his first term. Ms. Edgington was very recently appointed to fill a vacancy. Deb Simmons will be brand new on the council as mayor. Whichever of the two gentlemen running for a council seat winds up winning will also be brand new to the council. Even the city manager is new. That’s a lot of “new!” I think it would be best if there is at least one “old.”

I just decided to put my two cents worth in as an independent observer.

om peace namaste
Lucy Brook

from jenna edgington:
“… She will enable the new Council to hit the ground running by being able to provide insight on past Council decisions and also her thorough understanding on how the City functions and the role of City Council….”
I will be voting for Linda Kozlowski.”