Gray Tabby Cat

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A small, gray tabby has been hanging out under my birdbaths for the past 3-4 days. It had a blue collar the first time I saw it, and now it has no collar. If it is yours, please come get it. It won’t come to me, and it turns up its nose at the cat food I put out. But I am worried about my birds — it has gotten two so far that I’ve seen!! I live on North Ave. in Manzanita. Thank you.

Losd dog found!!

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Hello all!

After receiving a call from a member of the community who spotted Luna, we were able to successfully rescue her!

The BBQ came through!

Thank you to the person who spotted her, during the rush of emotion, I couldn’t recall your name, but we are eternally grateful to you.

Good things happen, thank you all!!

Kitten, and a question

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Thank you to all who have been responding to my queries for a kitten to be company for my young cat.

I have been gifted a tiny kitten Sage who is super sweet and loving, so i am no longer looking.

My young CAT Raven does NOT like my new kitten! Does anyone have any suggestions to help them integrate? So far, the kitten holds her own, and doesn’t harbor a grudge. But life would be a lot more fun if Raven liked her.

thanks to all who read the BBQ messages.

om peace namaste

lucy brook