Remember a Time When It Was OK to be a Political Moderate?

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Here’s a link to the NYT Magazine article referenced in Conklin’s post:

I’m not entirely sure what Mr. Conklin is advocating. Perhaps that Democrats have left the middle ground and become immoderate?

An example of moderation given in the article is that Democrats can win if they use Bill Clinton’s formula of implementing “Tough on [fill in the blank]” programs. Let’s take a look back at three of Clinton’s most significant initiatives.

Tough on Crime: largely responsible for the massive spike in incarceration in the last three decades. It made the U.S. an outlier among Western democracies.

Tough on Welfare: created the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program which today barely reaches the poorest families and was subsequently used by Republicans as a template in attempts to kill Medicaid & Obamacare.

Tough on Mental Health Reimbursements: the driving force behind deinstitutionalization. It pushed patients onto the street and swapped institutions for prisons. It contributes to today’s homelessness crisis.

None of these programs were ultimately moderate. So perhaps it’s understandable if Dems might not be excited about 21st Century versions.

Frankly, the Democratic Party is a mess in general but remains well within the range of what one might expect in a broad, reasonably healthy, multi-ethnic party struggling with modernity. The same can’t be said of our Republican friends who are cruising at flank speed toward a vision of governance that is anything but moderate.

Gene Dieken

Remember a Time When It Was OK to be a Political Moderate?

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Actually, no I don’t.

When was this time?

Was it before, or after the assassination of JFK?
Was it before, or after the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Was it before or after the Watts Riots?
Was it before, or after the assassination of MLK?
Was it before, or after the assassination of RFK?
Was it before, or after the assassination of Malcolm X?
Was it before or after the Kent State shootings?
Was it before or after the Jackson State killings?
Was it before or after the Wounded Knee occupation?
Was it before or after Richard Nixon resigned?
Was it before or after Three Mile Island?
Was it before or after the assassination of John Lennon?
Was it before or after the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan?
Was it before or after the Iran-Contra Scandal?
Was it before or after Chernobyl?
Was it before or after the AIDS disaster?
Was it before or after the first Gulf War?
Was it before or after the Clarence Thomas hearings?
Was it before or after Columbine?
Was it before or after the Rodney King beating?
Was it before or after the LA riots?
Was it before or after the 2000 US presidential election?
Was it before or after 9/11?
Was it before or after the following middle east wars?
Was it before or after the killing of Osama Bin Laden?
Was it before or after the killing of Trayvon Martin?
Was it before or after the 2016 US presidential election?
Was it before or after the killing of George Floyd?
Was it before or after the many other mass shootings in the United States?
Was it before or after the repeal of Roe vs Wade?


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1: HAARP is not “new”, it started in 1990. In 2015 it was handed over to the University of Alaska.

2: HAARP is a target of conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is capable of “weaponizing” weather. Commentators and scientists say that advocates of this theory are uninformed, as claims made fall well outside the abilities of the facility, if not the scope of natural science.


HAARP is the world’s most capable high-power, high-frequency transmitter for study of the ionosphere. The HAARP program is committed to developing a world-class ionospheric research facility consisting of:

The Ionospheric Research Instrument, a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency range. The IRI can be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
A sophisticated suite of scientific or diagnostic instruments that can be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.
Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory can also be used for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. These include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.

Climate change as a weapon

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Wow!! HAARP sounds diabolical enough to cause Doctor Stangelove to whip out his circular slide rule and start calculating!

Here’s a paragraph from USAF about the project:

Power for the HAARP HF transmitter is equivalent to that obtained from three or four generators of diesel-locomotive size. The transmitter’s narrow radiating beam is upward pointing and illuminates a relatively small volume in space, producing effects so weak that extremely sensitive diagnostic instruments are required to detect and measure them.

All of the terrible things listed by Ms Gainer would, if even possible, require orders of magnitude more power over long timespans. Thus, climate change is still quite real despite the easy deflection offered by the poster.


Gene Dieken

REPLY TO WIN WIN , Planning Commission

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This “Concern Citizens of Manzanita” growing group gives me hope for our community after listening , to the Planning commission meeting.
. The “outside investors,” who do not live here but want to invest here because we are quaint, village-like, charming and beautiful, destroy and remove what precisely attracted them by imposing their HUGE structures upon us.
People have moved here to find, a simpler, quieter, & healthier life. . Families ride their bikes along Dorcas, kids on skates board swing onto 5 th to play Basket ball because none of this is allowed on Laneda. Dorcas’ safeness is now threatened by drivers who do not look right and left. Recently this young investor who wants to built 30 + unit says he wants to be a good neighbor. But I ask our community, “who wants to have a neighbor with 30 + guests everyday?”
Be aware that what tried to happen on Classic, is now trying to happen in your neighborhood!
Thank you, Deb Simons, for your post. I barely know you but people have a lot of respect for you.

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referring to last night’s bbq posting, if someone is going to write a scathing critique of manzanita city government, they should have the integrity and the courage to sign their letter. in my mind, an anonymous critique carries very little weight.

om peace namaste
lucy brook
nehalem resident

Response to

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I would like to respond to Ted Weissbach’s recently posted comments on the BBQ concerning “new brooms.” I’m one of the “brooms” he refers to, running for one of the two open seats on the Manzanita City Council. His post makes many assumptions about the candidates seeking office. I have never spoken to Ted, nor has he reached out to me. However, I do appreciate that he has opened up an opportunity for me to share some of my thoughts with the community. As I stated in my candidacy announcement, “change can be difficult, even scary. But It can also be refreshing and fruitful.”   
I would like to address each of Ted’s assertions as they relate to my point of view. 
1) He says the new candidates speak of being long-term residents and it’s too late to bring back the good old days. My family has owned a house in Manzanita for 20+ years. However, Manzanita has been my primary residence for the past five years. I’m not a long-term resident, though I’m not sure why that would be an undesirable thing—and I have never mentioned bringing back the good old days. However, I have advocated for the importance of having a plan for growth, which does not currently exist, congruent with the desires of citizens.
2) He says the new candidates talk about listening to you. Yes I think that’s important! I believe that listening to citizens, building consensus, and making fact-based decisions demonstrates strong leadership. He says we didn’t get our way.  While I have never approached city hall, I do hear from citizens who feel like they are not listened to. An example is the plan for the new city hall, for which the bond was soundly defeated. I believe there is a middle ground.
3) He says I’ve accused current leadership of being beholden to special interests. Never said that.
4) He says there are too many short term rentals.  On that point, we agree. But I believe there are additional ways to fund city government beyond  the current STR structure. For example, development fees, capturing revenue from day trippers, and  many other options our neighbors to the North have used are possibilities. There are ways to decrease our reliance on our current STR’s system and still fund city services. To suggest that the sky will fall if we look at other options is just a scare tactic.
5) He says we want more diversity.  Excited to meet the challenge.
6) He says we want to  bring back the 4th of July events. I believe the community likes to celebrate the nation and those who have served to protect it. The parade is organized by volunteers, and as we know there are many in our community. Someone just needs to ask and organize.  If elected, I would be happy to advocate. I agree that a fireworks show is expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to look for funding from outside resources.
7) He says the comprehensive plan hasn’t been updated in 20 years, and leaders are working on it.  I know it doesn’t take 20 years to update this plan, and the consequences of not doing so has affected all aspects of our city. With our unprecedented growth, an update of the comprehensive plan can be used as a tool for both zoning and planning. Yes, I am willing to spend the time working on it. That is why I am running. As the author stated, “We can only hope to manage the growth as intelligently as possible.” I guess we differ on what that looks like. The status quo, or someone with new eyes and new ideas. I believe that city hall has failed to explore and capture unrealized revenue, failed to plan for and manage future growth, and compromised the integrity of our neighborhoods. 

I welcome the opportunity to have coffee with Ted, or any other Manzanita residents, to hear all thoughts and concerns for our city. Please feel free to reach out.
Brad Mayerle

Reply to County Commissioner

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I read a post here supporting Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner. Much of the post was devoted to how unfit her opponent is. I think we should vote FOR someone and not against their opponent.
I know Mary Faith out of the pubic eye as we are neighbors. I know the kind of person she is on a daily basis. She is warm, intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, and trustworthy. No matter the demands of this office, those qualities will stand her in good stead.
I support Mary Faith Bell because of the person she is and the integrity she brings to this office.
michael sommers

Reply to Back the Badge is BS

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I take issue with these points made in a bbq post “Back the Badge is BS” on April 26 by

From the post: Back the Badge is BS by
“The Secondary Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance on the May ballot is a symbolic measure that gives you an opportunity to support the 2nd Amendment, and gun rights, or to oppose them, if you choose.”

From the Tillamook County Clerk’s website:
“Violators of this ordinance would be subject to civil penalties such as fines up to $2000 Dollars for individuals and $4000 for a corporation.”

My opinion:
If a violator can be fined, it seems to me that this is NOT a symbolic measure.

From the post: Back the Badge is BS
“There would be no practical impact. Local law enforcement would continue to enforce all laws as they see fit, as they do now. But it would be a public statement that the community supports the right to own firearms.”

From the Tillamook County Clerk’s website:
(CAPS are mine)
Although this ordinance would GENERALLY PROHIBIT county officials from following firearms regulations, exceptions would be allowed in certain LIMITED situations. County officials could still comply with firearms laws that relate to convicted felons, could still participate in enforcement of firearm crimes, and could still take any actions necessary to comply with court orders.

My opinion:
This ordinance as stated above, if passed, WOULD prohibit county officials from following firearms regulations so it DOES have practical impact.

From the post: Back the Badge is BS by
“Unfortunately, the Tillamook County Democratic Party and local Democrat officials are running a “fake” campaign funded by outside progressive money.”

From a bbq post “Following the money in local politics”
by April 29
“When my ballot arrived, I remembered a piece from a few days ago warning of “a “fake” campaign funded by outside progressive money.” With a few minutes to spare, I took the author’s advice and researched the PAC’s campaign finances on Orestar.
Orestar is the state’s campaign finance transparency system, individually identifying each contributor giving over $100 to a campaign. Right there, laid out in black and white, was the cold proof of who was financing this group. Dozens of people had donated less than $100 each, and only a handful over that. I recognized all but one of the names — people who live in Netarts, Tillamook, Bay City, Nehalem, Manzanita, etc. All locals. The largest contribution was $1000. I didn’t see any red flags here.”

From the post: Back the Badge is BS by
“If you support gun ownership make your opinion known and vote yes. If you don’t, then also make your opinion known and vote no.”

My opinion:
I support the 2nd Amendment and I am voting NO.

From the post: Back the Badge is BS by
“Everything about this organization is fake, all of their information is false, and they know it is false.”….But efforts to lie, confuse, distort and mislead — anything to get their way — are what damages democracy, and our communities. It’s a sad thing, but there it is.”

My opinion:
Who is being misleading?? From my perspective it is

INFO on English Bulldogs

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Did you know that all Pure bred dogs have a < RESCUE Site> for example: English Bulldogs Rescue has a couple of sites in OR. where one will meet foster families who helps in finding them a forever home . It is heart braking to read that , yes, people move and do not take their best friend with them .
Couples separate..and dog is relinquished at a shelter, sometimes people die, get very sick and have to give up their dogs…
In this time of life , people are losing jobs, their homes…and animals again are the victim of such situation. Please check those rescue websites, and see how helping a dog ,a cat, a horse, ..looking at them saying < you are going to be ok now...>. is the greatest joy…

Reply to

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after reading this post, “how to lose our country’s democracy in one easy step,” i googled what the WHO (World Health Organization) is up to. here’s what i found (capitalization is mine): “On 3 March 2022, the Council adopted a decision to authorize the OPENING OF NEGOTIATIONS for an international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

The intergovernmental negotiating body, tasked with drafting and negotiating this international instrument, will hold its next meeting by August 1, 2022, to DISCUSS PROGRESS ON A WORKING DRAFT. It will then DELIVER A PROGRESS REPORT to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023, with the aim to adopt the instrument by 2024.”

It looks to me like we have plenty of time to observe and read what the WHO might decide to do.

Why the fear-mongering? “with only a few hours left…..” this possible international agreement is being DISCUSSED, not DECIDED.

lucy brook
nehalem resident

How We Lose Our Country’s Democracy In One Easy Step!

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“The World Health Organization is proposing a global pandemic agreement that would give it undemocratic rights over every participating nation and its citizens. Put simply, in the event of a pandemic, the WHO’s constitution would replace every country’s constitution, whether the elected leaders of this country would agree or not. So there you are! I received an announcement of this proposal with only a few hours left to respond to it. Really – an announcement of this type should give more time to respond. I hope my response got there in time. But I don’t think it matters. This is where the New World Order comes into the picture. And once it is implemented it will be forever. No one likes to relinquish power. The only way to get out of this is to get out of the WHO and the United Nations.”

No, that’s not how it works at all:

“Article 19 of the WHO Constitution gives the World Health Assembly the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on matters of health. A two-third majority is needed to adopt such conventions or agreements.”

There’s no “automatic replacement of a nation’s constitution” by the World Health Organization.

“The INB (intergovernmental negotiating body) held its first meeting on February 24, 2022. The second meeting, where the members are expected to discuss the progress on a working draft, is scheduled to be held by August 1, 2022. A progress report is expected to be delivered to the 76 th World Health Assembly in 2023, and its outcome will be submitted to the 77 th World Health Assembly in 2024 for consideration. Intermittent public hearings are also planned.

In December 2021, the World Health Assembly adopted a decision titled “The World Together” at its second special session since it was founded in 1948.
Under the decision, the health organisation established an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate the contents of the pandemic treaty in compliance with Article 19 of the WHO Constitution.
The pandemic treaty is expected to cover aspects like data sharing and genome sequencing of emerging viruses and equitable distribution of vaccines and drugs and related research throughout the world.
Most countries have followed the “me-first” approach which is not an effective way to deal with a global pandemic, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.”

Short Term Rentals: Time to Pause

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Thank you for your post. I agree 100% that STRs have gotten out of hand. We had our own experience with them:
A new house was built behind us. When it was sold, we met the neighbor, a nice woman who said she would be living their full time. A couple of weeks later, a hot tub was installed. After that, the STR sign went in the window. Then, the parties started because you can’t rent a house with a hot tub and not have a party, right? Loud music, doors slamming, people yelling at all hours of the night. It got so bad that the owners of the house next door quickly moved out and made their house an STR as well. We called the management company multiple times. We entered complaints with the county. We called the Sheriff regularly. We had a meeting with the county and the management company showed up but not the owner. Seems she didn’t want to get involved. Nothing helped. Every two days or so, a new group would show up and the process would start again. We were miserable.
I relate our experience not for pity, we ended up building another house in an area with better rules about STRs, but to relate what can happen. From our experience, the county’s authority is limited, the management company doesn’t care as long as they get paid and the owner doesn’t care because she making money and doesn’t have to live next to it. Since we were outside Manzanita, they didn’t care either. It’s all about a few people making money at the expense of the community.
I would like the city to explain:
• Why is commercial activity allowed in residential areas?
• Why is it not supportive of the motels in the area that are zoned for rentals? Seems like allowing STRs is taking business away from them.
• Why doesn’t the city create STR zones like Lincoln City, Newport, etc. where they are allowed and make the rest of the community STR free? If bigger cities can do it, why can’t we?
I look forward to hearing what the city has to say at the meeting tomorrow. People with opinions one way or the other are encouraged to attend.

Canada Today

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A few observations about the Freedom Convoy truckers:
When is a minority of a minority enfranchised to demand the resignation of a sitting head of state in return for ending a siege? This feels somewhat like Ammon Bundy and the Three Percenters in the U.S.
Didn''t the Timber Unity truckers demand Kate Brown''s resignation a couple of years ago in Salem?
Ottawa person-on-the-street interviewees had a hard time expanding on the rights/freedoms that had been so egregiously abridged. Perhaps that''s because the comfortable seldom have cause to think about them?
The Canadian military (unlike its U.S. counterpart) is mustering out active-duty service members who participated in this uprising. Also unlike the U.S., law enforcement was savvy enough not to turn protestors into examples of police abuse.
Not surprisingly, the link attached to this post takes you to a website that also features the fringy video [Nuremberg 2, Covid-19 as a crime against humanity] that D. Gainer posted on BBQ a few days ago. I''m also not surprised that the truckers'' cause has been embraced by Fox News and a dozen of the most unctuous and craven U.S. Senators.
Careful what you wish for.