Manzanita secrets

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I agree, 100 % with Kaleen Wineinger letter.
The police Station, and some of the Officers have expressed, they would be contented to stay in the heart town with yes some improvements upgrades to their quarters.
To hear watch and see the dismissive ,adult bullying
around our Respectable Mayor Deb Simons is unbelievable . A lack of grace dignity .
I too say NO to city hall

to : Tulemiller’s Walk your Talk

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I too want to commend Deb Simmons , our Mayor of Manzanita , for exemplifying the role of City Councilor. She is intelligent, extremely caring & respectful towards other. She listens , researches for solutions, to make things work bette ; She collaborates and listens again…She will make time for you. our Mayor , Deb has been unjustly attacked, by a pack of hungry , unhappy campers. It takes a lot courage, strength , guts, to be a leader. She has all that. I too look forward to the day we can all work together for the common goal ,,our Village , City of Manzanita. ! corinna Beuchet

Responding to Criticism

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Recently I was criticized by using the word Nazi in a post about our government’s response to a recent health crises. The following video is by Vera Sharav who was both a witness and victim
to this time in history. She shows parallels. The video is 34 minutes long.
It is on Rumble.The title is “Vera Sharav’s historic Nuremberg Speech – Eugenics Then and Now.”

Never again?

Response to Dixie

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This is a response to Dixie Gainer’s post “How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times”. I have so disagreed with so many of Dixie’s posts that I stopped reading anything she posted. But then I saw this one. The title drew me in. As I read on, I realized I agreed with EVERYTHING she wrote there. My reaction exemplified the text of her message. We are so divided as a nation that the only way back is by having civil discourse with those with whom we disagree. I am neither a Democrat nor Republican but I align more with the liberal agenda. My news feeds are varied; including CNN, NY Times, NY Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, FOX, BBC, etc. My news motto would probably be “Don’t try to convince me, inform me”. I applaud Dixie’s attempt to bridge the gap between “us and them”. There is no other way I see us coming together without “Feerlessly Curious Conversations”.
Hopefully yours, michael sommers

Reply to dog attack

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I have little dogs -chi, pom, yorkie mixes
My dogs have been attacked about 8 times while walking on the beach. A small dog is like bait on a string, nevertheless that does not give other dog owners the right to let their dogs bother others.
Recently my dogs have been attacked by a new neighbor with a new dog. My arm was shredded by me trying to save my small dog that was being attacked by this dog. The dog owner apologized and said they would put up an electric fence – The dog is never inside the fence and was out the last time I walked by.
I bought a cattle prod – this was suggested by a friend who said that her two small poodles were always being bothered by a german shepherd whenever she walked her dogs – just one zap and the dog never bothered her again so I bought a cattle prod and the next time I go walking I am going to take it with me. I really don’t like aggression and I really don’t want to zap a dog with a cattle prod but unless I do this I cannot walk my dogs safely.

The VALUE of adopting a BONDED pair of kittens

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I saw the post of 2 kittens for sale.
From having adopted a bonded pair 5 month ago ,
I can’t say enough how much easier it is to adopt them together. For this makes them feel safe.
They entertain each other and it is a joy to watch how they take care of each other.
Yes she wants $ 50 it may seems odd at first but adds of animals for free ,are never never never a good thing for abuser torturers will take them for their own sick pleasures .
corinna and her pack


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I did not receive any request to reschedule the candidates’ forum at the NCRD. Furthermore, I was limited to their availability.

If you read the notice, you would have seen that the rule to avoid discussing the existing waterfront applications was for the benefit of the candidates’ ability to serve. Comments could have prevented them — as future council members — the ability to vote.

How do you know Mayor Honeycutt and the current council have tried to find resolution and compromise with the developer? Have you not read the city’s response to LUBA’s remand to Wheeler?

Mike Anderson, affiliated with proactivewheeler

Dispelling Rumors in MY TWO CENTS posted Oct 20, 2022

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I would like to inform the community on statements made by Mr. Anctil on Oct. 20th BBQ were possibly misconstrued with a screen shot of the city documents.
1. Wheeler City Council needs to focus on avoiding lawsuits

Applying the law to avoid lawsuits is just what Wheeler City Council has done the past couple of years. Wheeler has consulted land use legal experts and attorneys every step of the way and they ARE enforcing the laws. Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has ruled multiple times that the developer must consider the Vision Plan and Traffic Issues. Based on those rulings it seems to me that they recognize the document as being valid and enforceable.
2. There are 2 hotel owners on council, both of whom voted in land use decisions regarding a hotel application.

There is only one hotel/motel owner on Wheeler council not 2 as stated in Mr. Anctil’s post. The councilor is my husband Gordon and he indeed recused himself from voting on the 2019-10 and 2019-11 hotel and large 110 seat restaurant. This was despite my husband and my belief that a small boutique hotel would be good for the town and potentially bring more business. The problem that I see (my opinion) is that the proposal was large scale and not in keeping with the character of Wheeler as stated by citizens and the Vision Plan. The two hotel/motels in Wheeler currently operating are, 9 and 11 rooms, respectively. And, by the way, both councilors who recused themselves supported a small boutique hotel but at legal council’s advice recused themselves from the decision making. Boutique, small town character businesses will likely attract more visitors and be an economic benefit for Wheeler. Large Scale establishments will diminish our quaint nostalgic feel.

NOTE: I was unable to find a finalized meeting minute record on the Wheeler Website.

Yours in Transparency, Respectfully
Martha Taylor
Wheeler on the Bay Lodge, Owner/Operator.

Linda Kozlowsky for Manzanita City Council

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I am writing in response to the post below, from last night’s BBQ.

Even though I am a Nehalem resident, Manzanita and Wheeler are also important to me. Who is on city council in each of our three towns matters to me.

I have been thinking exactly the same thing as Ms. Edginton, that Linda’s historical knowledge from her 16 years on city council is extremely valuable. I feel it would be a loss to the effectiveness of the Manzanita city council to not have Linda still on the council as a liaison from the past to the future. Jerry Spegman is in his first term. Ms. Edgington was very recently appointed to fill a vacancy. Deb Simmons will be brand new on the council as mayor. Whichever of the two gentlemen running for a council seat winds up winning will also be brand new to the council. Even the city manager is new. That’s a lot of “new!” I think it would be best if there is at least one “old.”

I just decided to put my two cents worth in as an independent observer.

om peace namaste
Lucy Brook

from jenna edgington:
“… She will enable the new Council to hit the ground running by being able to provide insight on past Council decisions and also her thorough understanding on how the City functions and the role of City Council….”
I will be voting for Linda Kozlowski.”

A response to Wheelertattler

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Ok, here I am doing something I told myself I wouldn’t do. Which is to comment on an anonymous post on the internet. Yes, you Wheelertattletales I will take the bait.

Really? You are afraid to post your views with your name because? You suggest you would be in danger. This is just too much. We are neighbors and we are allowed to disagree. You should not feel scared to have an opinion. I wonder if you are afraid or simply want to spread rumors and misinformation with zero accountability. There are people in Wheeler who were attacked and maligned for even having considered someone building on the waterfront. That’s where the vitriol came from in my opinion. Some very vocal people characterized the situation as some kind of corrupt sell-out. You must be an awful person for even allowing this person to be allowed submit plans to build there. You must hate the environment, animals, and Wheeler. Where is all the animus coming from? I am truly disgusted by the stories of how former Mayor Stevie Burden was treated. I won’t recount them here or speak to all of the years that she dedicated to making Wheeler better for everyone, yes everyone, not you or her but everyone. I genuinely believe that and not the anonymous rumors.

I think that your post displays your anger and willingness to slash and burn for your own interests or needs.

It seems clear that anyone who acts with outrage and maliciuosness must have something personal to lose, like your view? Not sure, or maybe you are just someone who is angry and likes to be outraged by the latest thing that you find upsetting.

I would like to try and redirect viewers who are interested, but confused about what is going on, to simply read the minutes from the Wheeler City Council and Planning Commission. Yes, the developer submitted multiple plans from architects, I assume from his lawsuit that he spent a lot of money on changing his plans multiple times to try to appease some very angry people. It’s in the minutes, which I know is boring to read. Also, the minutes are a summary, I know that there was a lot of discussion not included in the written minutes. That’s unfortunate, but there is enough there to see the general discussion, votes, etc. No conspiracies.

Finally, my understanding that the meeting at the NCRD to discuss Wheeler’s water situation was public and advertised as such. Unfortunately I was busy and couldn’t attend. The idea that it was some sort of secret Lumanati meeting is laughable. Can we please stop spreading misinformation in an attempt to lobby people to your perceived side? Do you even live in Wheeler?

Brent Anctil
Wheeler, Oregon

Response to Will Stone: Manzanita City Hall and Council Elections

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In 2019, Manzanita had a bond issue vote for new city facilities. The measure was defeated. Democracy in action.

Looking up and down the coast, there have been several ballot measures for much needed city facilities that have failed. Gearhart turned down a bond issue, by the same percentage as Manzanita, for city facilities in May. Seaside took a couple of ballots before a bond issue passed for building schools out of the tsunami zone. Cannon Beach is self-funding their (temporary) $5 million plus city facility build, located in a tsunami zone. Nehalem has been cutting their timber to raise funds for city facilities.

Manzanita took a few votes to finally pass a ballot measure for water filtration for our drinking water that didn’t meet federal standards. (I remember bringing water to my home to drink in the nineties.). We had a long heated debate over a bond measure to build our tri-city fire station. We had people arguing against sidewalks on Laneda! (It would destroy our quaintness, taking away the uneven dirt surface to walk on. Progress is slow.)

Listening to the ballot measure outcome, the city has moved forward looking at a smaller footprint for city facilities. Self-funding for the facilities is under consideration, which has tourist paying a larger share of the project. The Manzanita General Fund’s main revenue source is the Transit Lodging Tax (TLT). (Oregon has over 400 townships, Manzanita ranks 5th from the bottom, at $.42/$1,000 in the state for property tax rate. See ) In the 1990’s, the Manzanita property tax rate was not changed by the City Manager and the Council during the allowed period to raise one last time before freezing the rate. Our property tax rate brings in less than $250,000 revenue per year, whereas the TLT brings in over a million dollars.

For the Manzanita voters that supported a larger city facility, they exercised their right to vote. One group of voters made one decision; another group of voters made another decision. Democracy at work. There is no Right or Wrong position, Mr. Stone, just a difference of opinion on how to grow our community.

Mr. Stone references the citizens petition submitted to the city to keep the dilapidated building now located at Underhill to ‘remodel’. Mr. Stone is all about the overwhelming vote on the bond issue making a statement by registered Manzanita voters but fails to state that about half of the 260 signatures submitted on the petition were Manzanita voters or about 25% of the current registered voters. This, Mr. Stone, demonstrates an overwhelming majority, 75%, of registered Manzanita voters do NOT want the old falling down building remodeled.

The city listened to the majority on the ballot measure despite Mr. Stone’s unfounded comment. But apparently Mr. Stone prefers to ‘stir the pot’ implying that two of the candidates running will ignore the current work that is progressing. Based on what facts Mr. Stone? Quit pushing divisiveness in our community.

Deb Tinnin
Manzanita voter

ENOUGH! A response to Ms. Thomas’ last post.

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Citizens of Wheeler: Please stop. These back and forth attacks on each other are not solving any issues. They serve only to further divide us.

Ms. Thomas, please know that your mention of my name and your opinion of who I am or what l stand for both were rude and defamatory. I have never
met you, nor had a conversation with you.

If you want to know about me, just ask. As I am a private citizen, neither you or anyone else has a right to defame me, especially on the internet.

Let’s work on this one fact: Wheeler is in a financial
crisis and is well on its way to losing its ability to remain incorporated. Regardless of who thinks who is to blame. This is all of our problem now.

There are some brilliant minds in this town. Let’s use them together to make sure Wheeler
continues to be viable and lets do it with some integrity.

Respect and peace ,

Heidi Stacks

Reply to

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i am responding to “” post last night.

i can’t read the document! and i haven’t been able to make it enough bigger to read it.

if you want to naysay someone with public information, please make it clear and legible. please re-post so the document is legible. then i can make an intelligent decision about its worth.

i copied last night’s post below, assuming i would get the document as well. only the written verbiage was copied. ??? i’m no techie!

thank you.

om peace namaste

lucy brook

Karen Matthews Says She Didn’t Support this Document.
Posted on October 17, 2022 by North Coast BBQ

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Resolution 2012-06 details the role of the Wheeler Vision 2011. Exhibit A explains findings and interpretations of the Vision. Despite Ms. Matthews’ signature on it, she denies its existence.

Wheeler Laws not Recommendations

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Reply to Proactive Wheeler and Candidate Leverete

Thank you Proactive Wheeler and candidate Leverette. You have made my point. Wheelers did indeed incorporate the Wheeler Vision Plan by reference into the City of Wheeler Comprehensive Plan Background Report and added by title to the Table of Contents.

For those of you who want to do your own research, read Wheeler Comprehensive Plan page 1 table of contents and page 4 Updating the Comprehensive Plan to Incorporate the Wheeler Vision Plan 2011.

Both of these elements were completed and adopted unanimously by Ordinance 2017-01 by councilors Bell, King, Harlow and Wilcox-Siglin

Ms Tinnin Truth Matters

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Ms Tinnin, seeking information through legal Public Records requests is a citizen’s right to assess legal compliance with State voter registration laws. The State Legislature says so and created specific criteria and processes to review registration compliance because people do not have the right to create their own subjective standards for determining where they get to vote.

You falsely claim in your October 7 BBQ post that somehow through a PUD public records request “(I) was asking for personal account information to show that we didn’t live in Manzanita.” and “I possess Mr. Kugler’s correspondence asking for my personal account details.”

No information of any kind was requested from DMV because these records are not available to the public so I have no idea why you would include those irrelevant statements. You have my permission to publicly share any correspondence that you claim to have in your possession between me and the County Elections Clerk and the Oregon State Elections Office to support your various claims.

Below is a copy of the correspondence with the PUD referenced by Ms. Tinnin in her post which clearly shows no personal account information was being requested nor was any received.

From:Tillamook People’s Utility District <>
Sent:Tuesday, November 17, 2020 4:58 PM
To:Marissa Durrer <>
Subject:New submission from Tillamook PUD Public Records Request Form:

I would request the City only to which your PUD billing is sent for the following physical addresses in Manzanita. I do not seek any personal identification information such as customer names, driver’s license or SS number, street numbers for mailing addresses, phone numbers etc. that would be prohibited under ORS 192.345 to 192.355. that would be connected to these physical addresses.
Thank you

Nine of the property owners in this inquiry with second homes here who registered just before the 2020 election and still own their Manzanita homes that they then claimed were their primary residence have decided that Manzanita is no longer their home and are not currently registered to vote here. Maybe the inquiry by the County Elections Clerk did some good and caused them to rethink where their primary residence is. If that is the case, then I think we all would agree that this inquiry by Manzanita residents in 2020 was worthwhile and in the interests of fostering voter registration integrity in both the upcoming and future elections.

Ms Tinnin, you are not a victim here but rather a citizen subject to the same laws that we all have to follow. If you do not believe that those laws are just, then work through our Legislature to amend them to better reflect your personal viewpoints. And please, can we all just acknowledge the worst kept secret in town from 2020, that being that second homeowners were actively being encouraged to change their voter registration?

Rather than waste any more time on this matter from the last election, let’s get back to what prompted your response, that being Mr. Keustner’s public record of comments on various City issues and qualifications as a City Councilor for the upcoming election.

Randy Kugler

In response to Mr. Kugler on Public Record to Run On!

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Mr. Kugler ran for Manzanita City Council November 2020. He placed fourth for the two open seats on Council. It was a close race, Mr. Kugler lost by 27 votes. Within a few days, Mr. Kugler wrote to local utility companies with a list of 27 Manzanita voters that he targeted as not being voters. He was asking for personal account information to show that we didn’t live in Manzanita. Mr. Kugler was attempting to use ORS 247.035 to prove we weren’t Manzanita voters.

Mr. Kugler says it’s not wrong in obtaining someone’s billing information. Really? Tillamook PUD said by subpoena only. The DMV Fraud Division was very responsive to inquiries on any attempt to obtain personal mailing details; they ran a check on my account. Manzanita Police Chief Harth did the same. DMV takes anyone attempting to access someone else’s data seriously.

I was one of those voters and I possess Mr. Kugler’s correspondence asking for my personal account details. I also possess all the correspondence filed with Tillamook County Clerk and the Oregon State Elections Office from Mr. Kugler and team.

How did Mr. Kugler determine that I was not a voter? I spend considerable time working at Aldercreek Farm every week. I assist with our local Food Bank. I sent out thank you membership letters for Friends of the Library and worked the book sale. I work with my local EVCNB cluster and volunteer for any EVCNB events. I have for years attended City Council meetings, the Planning Commission, STR workgroup, Budget Committee; it’s important to participate in my local government. This is where my home is.

Mr. Kugler says ORS 247.035 doesn’t care if you volunteer in your community. I care Mr. Kugler. It is part of my commitment to my community. According to Mr. Kugler it’s all about where your mail is sent. Mr. Kugler is living in the past, it’s online bill paying these days. Paperless billing.

Mr. Kugler accumulated information, much of it false, on the 27 voters and the information was distributed to the Tillamook County Clerk. In the end, all voters were exonerated. Mr. Kugler was dismayed that he was unable to change election results through his data gathering prior to the newly elected officials being sworn in.

In the November 2020 election, the state of Oregon had 140 election irregularities filed. 27 of those 140 were Manzanita.

Accusing your neighbors of voter fraud because they didn’t vote for you, is that adult behavior? Is that the behavior of a person running for office? How would you be trusted with more of my private information? Most of us had opposition signs in our yards so we were easy to pick off.

Mr. Kugler, I agree we need adults to govern. While you aren’t running in this election, you do want to be appointed to the Budget Committee. What should be the criteria of a good public servant? Working for all citizens, not a chosen few. Being trustworthy.

Your actions speak loudly Mr. Kugler.

In the upcoming election, I have to say that all of the Manzanita candidates running this time have put considerable work and time into their campaigns. They should all be commended for their efforts and I wish them all well.

Deb Tinnin
Manzanita voter

NCRD/ NES School Swim Program Status Clarification

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It is very short-sighted of the Neah-kah-nie school district to abbreviate their school swim program.

Their reasons have to do with literacy achievement; they want more time for grade school students to focus on literacy skills, and they are taking time away from the school swim program to help achieve that goal. One hour per week dedicated to swimming and “taken away” from literacy time is going to make a difference? In fact, teachers have attested that students are more alert and willing to participate in academics after having had that hour in the pool.

This decision diminishes achieving “a strong mind in a strong body.” This decision diminishes the weekly joy of being in the water. This decision negates listening to the strong opinions and push-back that stopped the school district a few years ago from curtailing the school swim program. The school district administration just bided its time and reinstated its will over that of parents and teachers.

I am disappointed for our children.

lucy brook
nehalem resident

Response to Manzanita Financial Priorities

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Confusion. Fear. Half truths. In today’s world, we have seen these tactics used more and more. We have experienced the lies and half-truths said over and over until they become ‘fact’.

Recently, Randy Kugler threw out a bunch of numbers with little or no references. He mixes the Water Operating Funds and the General Funds which are operated separately with revenue received and cost outlays. He raises the fear of a water rate increase but fails to say that the last rate hike was in 2014. Nor did Mr. Kugler say that Cannon Beach is currently reviewing their water rate increases again with increases in 2018, 2021 and 2022. Nehalem just raised their water rates.

Cannon Beach Public Works Director Karen La Bonte said Tuesday: “As you know, our last rate increase for water and wastewater was March 20, 2018 which was three years ago. In order to keep up with the cost of maintenance on our infrastructure it is important that the utility rates stay on par to support those costs. Without doing periodic rate increases we can’t accomplish that.”
Kathleen Stinson, The Gazette June 4, 2021

He fails to tell you that the Manzanita water spending project is over a 10 plus year planning cycle. Nor did he mention that Cannon Beach has the same challenges with their water system infrastructure. (You can read more about Cannon Beach’s struggle with the cost of their water system infrastructure and the costly delays in decision making.)

Mr. Kugler goes on to say, ‘Total expenses to date to acquire the property and years of consultants and other professional services is now in excess of $2.1 Million.’ But he confuses it with throwing all the numbers together of land purchase with consultants and professional services. The land is a valuable asset, one of the last large parcels of land in the city limits. And we all know that prices for real estate have continued to increase since the City purchased the property in 2017.

Mr. Kugler goes on to say that Cannon Beach is getting a City Hall and Police Station for $1.2 million. Really?

“The City Council, during a meeting Tuesday night, authorized the city to borrow $4.6 million for the project, which is expected to cost $5.5 million. Lodging taxes will be used to pay off the loan.”
Nicole Bales, The Astorian February 2, 2022

As Mr. Kugler states, ‘It has been pointed out that the remodel of the CB Elementary School is not currently being planned for critical emergency services that need a class 3 or 4 seismic structural rating.’ This is because the old Cannon Beach school sits in the tsunami zone on Ecola Creek which feeds into the ocean. Their emergency and operating services will be washed away when the multimillion dollar building collapses.

Cannon Beach, like most towns, needs funding. They just put in play a 5% food and drink tax. This is in addition to the Transient Lodging Tax they make off of all those hotels. Mr. Kugler states without any facts that Manzanita will not receive any grants for the water system work. Based on what Mr. Kugler?

Large public capital outlay projects are always a challenge and the Manzanita project is no exception. Manzanita is looking at a similar self-funding strategy for the city facilities which in large part is funding driven by the Transient Lodging Tax, putting the tax burden on tourists. For us old timers, how many ballots cast before we built our fire station, water treatment plant or, even approving city budget funds for sidewalks on Laneda. More recently, we saw Seaside schools and Gearhart needing facilities but experiencing similar challenges at the ballot box.

It is time for Manzanita to tear down that old dilapidated eyesore of a structure, sitting at Underhill Plaza. Utilize the land for a smaller but more usable footprint city hall that reflects the beauty of our town. Put together a plan for land use for the community that offers worker housing (Manzanita Council just approved a tax abatement program with Tillamook County to help with taxes.) and a park for our Farmers Market and other community gatherings. Be a part of the conversation on August 29. (Go to the Manzanita website to sign up.)
Deb Tinnin

Tina Kotek Lawn signs available

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Our Governor’s race is going to be a race AND do you want a 45 supporting Governor, or someone who leaves her party for political gain?

It do you want Tina who is campaigning FOR what she’ll do vs trashing her opponents? Go to Tina for and see her comprehensive plan to responsibly end homelessness!

I have Tina lawn signs and I want North County plastered! Please let me know how many you want and where we can meet so you can get yours.

Thank you for storing a Governor who represents US!


Submitted By: – Click to email about this post
Reply to Mr and / or Ms. Anonymous – Citizens for common sense…

Have to say though ….”common sense and anonymous – feels like an oxymoron!

As the only Mayoral candidate, so far, for Manzanita City, I have to assume this post was intended for me. Please, come out, come out where ever you are and listen to your fiction hit the fact.

The corporation I think you listed (the cloudy copy was impossible to decipher) was formed by a holding company prior to acquiring an Oregon company in bankruptcy. The corporation was designed to merge the ailing firm with another like entity. The proposed merger was presented to the holding company by my husband and his business associate. The holding company had the funds and corporation established, so they hired my husband and associate to execute the turn around. During the initial months of the newly-formed corporation, as it migrated towards positive cash flows, the holding company faulted on its pledge for financing. At that juncture, my husband and now business partner, put up the necessary funds and completed the first task of establishing a profit.

The new entity represented hundreds of employees, made the repayment of several million dollars in vendor debt and today, represents a thriving business operating in two northwest states.

My husband and partner inherited the corporation when selling the company operations (brand assets) into another existing operating entity.

My entry on the records of the corporation as Secretary occurred in 2013 when my husband’s business partner and friend died at the age of 65.

The structuring of a corporation, including where established, is between the individuals starting the corporation, an attorney and accountants. Many corporations favor states such as Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming for a variety of reasons. Management usually prefers states such as Nevada for reporting purpose where it is far easier. Stockholders prefer Delaware in many cases. All these reasons can be found on Google.

Our accountant for over 35 years, said the following:
“The company in question operated a business in Oregon and reported all activity on the Oregon business return as required.

As required, this company registered with the Oregon Secretary of State. Using the Nevada Corporation for the initial corporate documents, it does not change or reduce Oregon taxes.”

As business owners, we not only paid Oregon personal taxes, but Oregon business taxes as well (payroll and other business taxes).

As Oregon residents, we are taxed in Oregon on our income. We have a CPA that files our taxes according to the tax laws, and we have always paid our taxes as required.

My husband and I are proud to have been business owners who contributed to the Oregon economy for many years. Our endeavors helped hundreds of employees, and related vendors.

Starting a company is incredibly difficult, time-consuming and financially draining – ask any business owner. Their road is neither easy nor consistent. Many challenges ahead.
They need our support.

It is time, though, to raise the communication bar in our community. Hopefully, Manzanita’s culture will not allow itself to be defined by anonymous accusations bearing mere portions of the truth.

Eleanor Roosevelt said on defining a culture:

Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

What I hear Eleanor saying… is raise the bar.

All of us can go from the small mind to the great mind and to participate with objectivity. We need to move up the community bar so our exchanges deal in fact and not fiction.

My name is Deb Simmons, and I am a candidate for mayor.

Reply to “Voters with several homes

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In response to “Voters with several homes”

If you are a multiple home owner please be careful with your decision of primary residence for voter registration pursuant to ORS 247.035. Due to a flurry of emotional posts misadvising about this recently, I contacted our state representatives and state elections officials as to clarification on this issue.

The following two emails are an answer to the question of voter registration in Oregon for anyone who owns multiple houses.

Email #1

” From: Rep Gomberg <>
Date: August 15, 2022 at 10:02:51 AM PDT
To: Gerald Wineinger <>, Sen Armitage <>, Rep Weber <>,,, Erin Skaar <>
Cc: ROBERTS Bob * SOS <>,
Subject: RE: Voter Law Problem and Understanding in Manzanita

Thank you for your note, Gerald,
In simple, layman’s terms, the answer is “no”. Just because you are fortunate enough to own more than one property, you cannot change your voting “residence” without good reason. There is a principal place where you live. And that is where you vote.
ORS 247.035 states in part, “A person shall not be considered to have gained a residence (for voting purposes) in any location in this state into which the person comes for temporary purposes only, without the intention of making it the person’s home.” In determining voting residency, the statute states an election official may consider:
Where the person receives personal mail;
Where the person is licensed to drive;
Where the person registers motor vehicles for personal use;
Where any immediate family members of the person reside;
During a recent election in Lincoln County, the Clerk contacted people who had recently registered in Lincoln County but who asked to have ballots mailed outside the county. He asked for proof of local residency. Most subsequently asked to withdraw their registration change.


Ultimately, the County Clerk decides the validity of local electors.
I hope you find this helpful.
Warm Regards,
David “

Email #2

“From: ROBERTS Bob * SOS <>
Subject: RE: Voter Law Problem and Understanding in Manzanita
Date: August 15, 2022 at 9:34:42 AM PDT
To: Gerald Wineinger <>

Good morning Gerald,
Thank you for your emails regarding residency and voting. A person may register to vote using an address at which they have established residency. You correctly identify ORS 247.035 as the source for factors that an elections official may use to determine whether a person has established residency. Under ORS 247.035(1)(c) a person is not considered to have gained residency at a location where the person comes for temporary purposes only. Elections officials have the discretion to investigate such matters when the legitimacy of a voter’s residency is called into question.

Best regards,

Bob Roberts
Investigations and Legal Specialist
Oregon Secretary of State | Elections Division
255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 126 | Salem, OR 97310-1327
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Remember a Time When It Was OK to be a Political Moderate?

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Here’s a link to the NYT Magazine article referenced in Conklin’s post:

I’m not entirely sure what Mr. Conklin is advocating. Perhaps that Democrats have left the middle ground and become immoderate?

An example of moderation given in the article is that Democrats can win if they use Bill Clinton’s formula of implementing “Tough on [fill in the blank]” programs. Let’s take a look back at three of Clinton’s most significant initiatives.

Tough on Crime: largely responsible for the massive spike in incarceration in the last three decades. It made the U.S. an outlier among Western democracies.

Tough on Welfare: created the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program which today barely reaches the poorest families and was subsequently used by Republicans as a template in attempts to kill Medicaid & Obamacare.

Tough on Mental Health Reimbursements: the driving force behind deinstitutionalization. It pushed patients onto the street and swapped institutions for prisons. It contributes to today’s homelessness crisis.

None of these programs were ultimately moderate. So perhaps it’s understandable if Dems might not be excited about 21st Century versions.

Frankly, the Democratic Party is a mess in general but remains well within the range of what one might expect in a broad, reasonably healthy, multi-ethnic party struggling with modernity. The same can’t be said of our Republican friends who are cruising at flank speed toward a vision of governance that is anything but moderate.

Gene Dieken

Remember a Time When It Was OK to be a Political Moderate?

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Actually, no I don’t.

When was this time?

Was it before, or after the assassination of JFK?
Was it before, or after the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
Was it before or after the Watts Riots?
Was it before, or after the assassination of MLK?
Was it before, or after the assassination of RFK?
Was it before, or after the assassination of Malcolm X?
Was it before or after the Kent State shootings?
Was it before or after the Jackson State killings?
Was it before or after the Wounded Knee occupation?
Was it before or after Richard Nixon resigned?
Was it before or after Three Mile Island?
Was it before or after the assassination of John Lennon?
Was it before or after the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan?
Was it before or after the Iran-Contra Scandal?
Was it before or after Chernobyl?
Was it before or after the AIDS disaster?
Was it before or after the first Gulf War?
Was it before or after the Clarence Thomas hearings?
Was it before or after Columbine?
Was it before or after the Rodney King beating?
Was it before or after the LA riots?
Was it before or after the 2000 US presidential election?
Was it before or after 9/11?
Was it before or after the following middle east wars?
Was it before or after the killing of Osama Bin Laden?
Was it before or after the killing of Trayvon Martin?
Was it before or after the 2016 US presidential election?
Was it before or after the killing of George Floyd?
Was it before or after the many other mass shootings in the United States?
Was it before or after the repeal of Roe vs Wade?


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1: HAARP is not “new”, it started in 1990. In 2015 it was handed over to the University of Alaska.

2: HAARP is a target of conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is capable of “weaponizing” weather. Commentators and scientists say that advocates of this theory are uninformed, as claims made fall well outside the abilities of the facility, if not the scope of natural science.


HAARP is the world’s most capable high-power, high-frequency transmitter for study of the ionosphere. The HAARP program is committed to developing a world-class ionospheric research facility consisting of:

The Ionospheric Research Instrument, a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency range. The IRI can be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
A sophisticated suite of scientific or diagnostic instruments that can be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.
Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory can also be used for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. These include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.

Climate change as a weapon

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Wow!! HAARP sounds diabolical enough to cause Doctor Stangelove to whip out his circular slide rule and start calculating!

Here’s a paragraph from USAF about the project:

Power for the HAARP HF transmitter is equivalent to that obtained from three or four generators of diesel-locomotive size. The transmitter’s narrow radiating beam is upward pointing and illuminates a relatively small volume in space, producing effects so weak that extremely sensitive diagnostic instruments are required to detect and measure them.

All of the terrible things listed by Ms Gainer would, if even possible, require orders of magnitude more power over long timespans. Thus, climate change is still quite real despite the easy deflection offered by the poster.


Gene Dieken