A response to Wheelertattler

Submitted By: brentanctil@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Ok, here I am doing something I told myself I wouldn’t do. Which is to comment on an anonymous post on the internet. Yes, you Wheelertattletales I will take the bait.

Really? You are afraid to post your views with your name because? You suggest you would be in danger. This is just too much. We are neighbors and we are allowed to disagree. You should not feel scared to have an opinion. I wonder if you are afraid or simply want to spread rumors and misinformation with zero accountability. There are people in Wheeler who were attacked and maligned for even having considered someone building on the waterfront. That’s where the vitriol came from in my opinion. Some very vocal people characterized the situation as some kind of corrupt sell-out. You must be an awful person for even allowing this person to be allowed submit plans to build there. You must hate the environment, animals, and Wheeler. Where is all the animus coming from? I am truly disgusted by the stories of how former Mayor Stevie Burden was treated. I won’t recount them here or speak to all of the years that she dedicated to making Wheeler better for everyone, yes everyone, not you or her but everyone. I genuinely believe that and not the anonymous rumors.

I think that your post displays your anger and willingness to slash and burn for your own interests or needs.

It seems clear that anyone who acts with outrage and maliciuosness must have something personal to lose, like your view? Not sure, or maybe you are just someone who is angry and likes to be outraged by the latest thing that you find upsetting.

I would like to try and redirect viewers who are interested, but confused about what is going on, to simply read the minutes from the Wheeler City Council and Planning Commission. Yes, the developer submitted multiple plans from architects, I assume from his lawsuit that he spent a lot of money on changing his plans multiple times to try to appease some very angry people. It’s in the minutes, which I know is boring to read. Also, the minutes are a summary, I know that there was a lot of discussion not included in the written minutes. That’s unfortunate, but there is enough there to see the general discussion, votes, etc. No conspiracies.

Finally, my understanding that the meeting at the NCRD to discuss Wheeler’s water situation was public and advertised as such. Unfortunately I was busy and couldn’t attend. The idea that it was some sort of secret Lumanati meeting is laughable. Can we please stop spreading misinformation in an attempt to lobby people to your perceived side? Do you even live in Wheeler?

Brent Anctil
Wheeler, Oregon