NCRD/ NES School Swim Program Status Clarification

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It is very short-sighted of the Neah-kah-nie school district to abbreviate their school swim program.

Their reasons have to do with literacy achievement; they want more time for grade school students to focus on literacy skills, and they are taking time away from the school swim program to help achieve that goal. One hour per week dedicated to swimming and “taken away” from literacy time is going to make a difference? In fact, teachers have attested that students are more alert and willing to participate in academics after having had that hour in the pool.

This decision diminishes achieving “a strong mind in a strong body.” This decision diminishes the weekly joy of being in the water. This decision negates listening to the strong opinions and push-back that stopped the school district a few years ago from curtailing the school swim program. The school district administration just bided its time and reinstated its will over that of parents and teachers.

I am disappointed for our children.

lucy brook
nehalem resident