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Posted in behalf of Jack Bloom.

The Local Option Tax for NCRD is not about the pool, it is about PEOPLE!

It is about a community that puts the value and quality of people’s lives over the costs of ordinary things. It is above all about a community history of demonstrated commitment to enhance its children’s quality of life through providing opportunities for growth and learning that is available in few other communities. It is about providing a means for its older citizens to confront their twilight years in such a way that ensures the dignity of the individual and their ability to not be a burden to their family, friends or society by maintaining their health both physically and mentally. It is about the constructive and creative courses provided by the NCRD Staff and Volunteers who maintain stewardship in all our behalf.

It is also about setting an example for our children of how important it is for each succeeding generation to renew their commitment to their community by providing the means for all us to grow and prosper not just as individuals but as an extended family who recognize and maintain their commitment to each other.

NCRD is mute but eloquent testimony as to who we are, what we believe in and what distinguishes us from others – our demonstrated commitment to each other. NCRD helps make us who we are.

I encourage you to vote YES for the NCRD Option Tax.

Jack Bloom
NCRD Board Member

NCRD–good for all of us!

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Posted in behalf of Linda Makohon.

Definitely I’m voting: “Yes for NCRD”

On November 7th the residents of Tillamook County will be asked for the 4th time to renew the five year tax levy to support the daily operations for programs and services of North County Recreation District (NCRD) in Nehalem. This is not a new tax, but a continuation of what our community has supported for the past 15 years.

I have been involved with Friends of NCRD, which is the non-profit partner of NCRD, since I retired from teaching and moved here in 2010. I believe in the Friends’ mission which is to support and promote the programs and services of the NCRD because I believe in its mission to provide health and well-being services to all ages in North Tillamook County. In particular, I am proud that Friends of NCRD has always had the priority to raise funds for scholarships so that everyone is included and has access to the programs and services at NCRD. This year alone we have given $15,000 in scholarship assistance, the bulk of which went for youth access to child care and youth sports.

I have seen NCRD go through many changes and growth in services while keeping steadfast maintenance of the aging elementary school building. I have seen NCRD continue to survive through the pandemic, providing day care for first responder’s children, keeping close contact with health services for the benefit of all, providing COVID test kits and appropriate precautions when opening back up. While many businesses and organizations dissolved, NCRD stayed vital for the community. And now, fitness classes and youth sports offerings have increased, resulting in increased patronage.

Here are some other great things you may not know about NCRD:

Did you know that NCRD is an official Red Cross emergency shelter site complete with cots and emergency power and supplies ready to accommodate the community in a major emergency? This is different from Warming centers that are available through local churches.

Did you know that NCRD has an agreement with Nehalem Bay Health Clinic (formerly Rinehart Clinic) for NCRD to provide physical exercise opportunities for their patients dealing with health related issues?

Did you know that the “Learn to Swim” program offered at NCRD is certified by the Red Cross?

There are so many good things happening at NCRD that I’m definitely voting “Yes for NCRD”.

Linda Makohon
President, Friends of NCRD

Cleveland Clinic study: the more shots, the more ‘covid’

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Those of us who chose to stay calm and humble in the face of fear; those of us who understand science (not woke yard-sign virtue-signaling ’science’ which isn’t science at all); those of us who value personal freedom and freedom of information over hive-mind, knew YEARS AGO, that many if not all of those who shot ‘the vax’ would be immune compromised (eventually terminal), would be vax-injured, and/or would be at risk for all sorts of sicknesses (Did you even read the ‘vaccine’ insert???), AND WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO CATCH ‘COVID’ aka lab-engineered SARS.
I take some pride in these “I told you so” posts. Especially after taking so much sh*t from vaxxed folks who are about to get more and more and more ‘covid’ no matter how many times you ‘vaxxed’ or continue to ‘vax’. In fact, the MORE you ‘vax’ the MORE SARS you’re gonna get! (See Cleveland study below)
You could get some EXTREMELY HELPFUL (human) Ivermectin if Gov. Brownshirt hadn’t made it illegal for Oregon pharmacies to sell $1-a-pill Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin. I found it very helpful when I got infected with the DOD’s bio-weapon. But Gov. Brownhsirt made it illegal, and thousands of Oregonians needlessly died. She also made folks stay home and thousands of Oregonians needlessly died (be like Sweden this time around?). Gov. Brown made Ivermectin illegal so Pfizer and Mode RNA could make billions of dollars killing Oregonians with a ‘vax’ they never needed.
Where are the lawyers?
Gov. Brownshirt also put two thousand small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS with her illegal, immoral, and homicidal (it killed humans) shutdown., while keeping the Wal-Mart$ and Fred Meyer$ open.
Again, where are the lawyers? That is some sick sh*t right there.
Maybe Gov. Kotek will have the ovaries to be like Sweden this time around??? Or will she just be another wh*re for Pfizer and Big Tech/Pharma, and kill more Oregonians while making the big tech bros. rich?
I’m not sure where the lawyers are, but your ‘covid’ is coming back, especially if your ‘vaxxed’.


And since, as RFK, JR. pointed out, the CIA scripted Gates’ and WEF’s Event 201, it should come as no surprise to you that the CIA was working to hush the lab origin of this particular DOD/Gates/Pfizer/CDC/Fauci engineered brand of SARS:

NCRD–good for all of us!

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Posted on behalf of Patty Rinehart

Hello to North County Voters,

I would like to ask you to vote yes for the North County Recreation District’s 5-year Levy coming up for renewal on November 7, 2023.

As memory serves me, I first started going to the building which houses NCRD when I was in the 5th grade. It was there I met a woman who became one of my lifetime friends. But we’re not here for my history.

What a building this was then and is now too. The building houses a variety of people and projects. I’m going to have to guess ages, maybe 4-80 years old. And what are all those people doing there? The preschool would be the youngest, then there are the after-school kids, the people who use the fitness center, and the blend of all the people who take classes. So, I’m pretty sure people using NCRD age from 4-80 plus years old. It is a wonderful building that not only goes on for all those years, but also serves so many people.

So many communities would love to have such a building and programs to serve so many people. I must tell you about my special passion for NCRD and their programs, which is the kids. I don’t want any child to go home to an empty home–which is what their after-school program serves. And it is first come, first serve. Doesn’t matter if you have the full payment or not, you can get a scholarship for this program. Sports programs are also offered to these kids. Right now, it is soccer.

Adults can take classes; I’ve watched the art classes–it’s wonderful. Working out in classes, or in the weight room or the cardio room has helped so many in our community. My mind wants to say, community, classes, and NCRD are good for all of us.

Patty Rinehart


A Community Treasure


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Posted on behalf of Gail and Richard Young


When we moved to North County 25 years ago, one of our first connections to the community was North County Recreation District. We’ve watched our recreation center develop and flourish into a hub of activity, a community treasure. From the Youth Center, to exercise classes in the Fitness Center and Aquatics, to the “Learn to Swim” program, to senior activities, to productions in the Performing Arts Center, NCRD offers something for everyone who lives and visits North County.

Every five years we, as a community, get to renew our support for NCRD, by voting “YES for NCRD” on the November ballot. Amazingly, the tax rate has not increased in 15 years, since the first tax levy in 2008! We home owners will not be paying anything more; we will simply be saying “YES” to a continuation of the programs offered by and the operational costs of North County Recreation District.

Please join us in voting “YES for NCRD.”
Gail and Richard Young


Pet Calendar Update

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How do I get the Discounted Pre-Sale Price for the 2024 Neighborhood Pets Calendar?

If I live near Nehalem Bay, Oregon, can I still get my pet into the calendar?

How can my business support the Pet Calendar project?

How do I get access to the slideshow featuring all of the calendar contest pet entries?

What are the proceeds from the Pet Calendar Project going towards?


Manzanita Coffee Co. & Wanda’s Cafe

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The Bayside Gardens neighborhood emergency planning committee would like to thank Manzanita Coffee Co. & Wanda’s Cafe for supporting the growing “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” movement in our community.
These two local businesses have demonstrated time and again their commitment and support for local organizations, and they recently came through again with top raffle prizes at the Bayside Gardens Neighborhood End-Of-Summer Party (read more about this here》
If you appreciate this kind of community support, please stop in to say thank you personally (it makes a difference). While you are at it, pick up one of their tasty and fun Fall specials!
Thank you for caring…

New York Governor: Masks On! Oregon next??

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As I’ve been saying since I got wind of their plans, thanks to the First Amendment, actual journalists, and folks who value freedom over hive-mind, the creeps at the CDC, Big Tech, Big Banks, WEF, etc. have started ‘pandemic #2’.

Here is the governor of New York: you must ‘vax’ again, the last ‘vax’ won’t work “THIS TIME AROUND” she says.


Get ready Oregon.

If you live on the north coast of Oregon it’s time to start asking your local politicians if they are planning to close our beaches and parks again. Are they planning to close our small businesses again? Are they planning mask mandates like New York and Canada have ALREADY STARTED for Gates’ ‘pandemic number two’?

Are they planing on extorting our children again, telling our children they must ONCE AGAIN wear a useless anti-science mask all day at school or stay home and Zoom (Google)?? (Sick stuff attacking our kids mental health. Vile really. Inhuman also comes to mind.)

Anyway, hide your children and get ready to MASK UP OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke, proud, anti-science and masked! The Oregon way!

It’s all coming back, just like I told you it would.

Are you ready for anti-science pro-fascist shutdown number two, as I also suggested?

Are you stocked up? The supply lines will be getting corrupted again; carbon reduction or covid reduction?? Whatever, just renew your Netflix and Door Dash accounts! Don’t carry cash – it’s got germs!

Then get in line for the New and Improved mRNA-tech ‘Fauci Ouchie’ from your freedom-loving friends at Pfizer!

And here she is, New York’s solution to disgraced misogynist (anti-woman) and medical tyrant, former Dem Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s a**-grabbing problem:

Listen for it: “…this time around…”

Get ready Oregon! Your beloved medical fascism is coming back!

As for Canada? Full commie already. Thanks World Economic Forum!

The idea of freedom-loving Canada is Trudeau-ver:

And here is Bill Gates lying to the world AND admitting he and his corrupt billionaire tech bros who engineered the ‘vax’ and the virus violated the terms of the anti-Nazi Nuremburg Code. And he tells us to get ready for Pandemic number two.

Look how happy he is in the midst of this genocide, what a creep:

Manzanita Farmer’s market September 15, Fulton Farms will be there with PEACHES!!

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Fulton Farms tomorrow Friday September 15 at the Manzanita Farmer’s Market! At Undersell Plaza. Come check out the fabulous Manzanita Farmers Market Friday September 15 from 4-7pm! Check out all the vendors and see what they have, and support them in their wonderful offerings! While you’re at the Market, swing by Fulton farms as THIS IS FULTON FARMS LAST APPEARANCE FOR THE SUMMER AT THE MARKET! WE WILL HAVE LOTS OF GREAT PEACHES! COME STOCK UP ON THESE DELICIOUS PEACHES, AND MORE!! SEE YOU FRIDAY! CHEERS!

Nuremburg 2.0 (science is real)

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Despite all those ‘science is real’ yard signs all over Oregon, the science of epidemiology is still being intentionally ignored by Oregonians for political purposes. Or maybe those signs are for virtue-signaling only?

Whatever the case, Oregonians are dying in higher numbers than Swedes because Oregonians are not following the science. Super ironic. Kind of funny.

And here is yet another study showing that lockdowns and masks don’t work.

Ye, yet another study for Oregonian’s deaf, anti-science ears:

The low-level everyday authoritarian tyrants in schools, county admin buildings, and Wal-Mart$ are once again more than willing to do the bidding of the trillion-dollar medical fascists.

The CDC is essentially a drug company. They own patents. They are corrupt as it gets.

Big Tech and Big Pharma and Oregon’s Governor, Kotek this time around, are once again gearing up to shut-down our small businesses, close our schools, close our state parks, close our beaches, close our boat launches and close the parking lots of our favorite hiking trails.

And they are once again coming for our children.

Will you stand up for yourself this time?

Our local leaders are sheep pretending to be wolves. They WILL NOT help you. Tillamook County politicians will not help our children; democrat or republican. They’ve already laid down like a bunch of beat-down pansies and let Fauci and Biden and Trump and Gates abuse our children.

Yamamoto and company, the elderly heads of teachers unions, the school board cowards, should all be in jail for child abuse, from their cowardice and witnessing the crimes against our children, the abuse, and doing nothing about it last time around. They are absolute cowards in the face of this medical tyranny.

The worst Nazis were the doctors. Make no mistake about that fact.

It’s time for Nuremberg 2.0.


Before they screw our kids over even more.

Bye, Bye, Brad!

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Posting on behalf of Kim Rosenberg

Bye, Bye, Brad!

At the end of the last council meeting, Councilor Mayerle announced that he and his wife bought a new home in another town, and he was resigning as of last Friday because he would no longer be a resident of Manzanita.

He alluded to the private and seemingly secret sale of the mayor’s home on Treasure Cove a few weeks ago. Some people hearing his remarks were confused because the mayor has yet to make a public statement about the sale of her home and the removal of her full-time residence from Manzanita to Wilsonville. It’s unclear what her plans are, where she’s living now or how much time she’s now spending in Manzanita, and I won’t speculate.

Issues of transparency aside, many people in town are sensitive about residency issues since the 2020 election when some people in town were accused of voter fraud by other people in town. Yikes. In fact, the mayor’s husband contacted the State’s election division about residency requirements for voters in 2022.

At the end of the last meeting Mayerle read this passage from the Charter:

Section 32. What Creates Vacancy. An office shall be deemed vacant upon the incumbent’s death, incompetence, conviction of a felony, resignation, removal of residency from the City, ceasing to possess the qualifications for office or absent from the City for thirty days without the consent of the Council…

The wording is interesting. It’s the action by a councilor or mayor that creates the vacancy. The action might be intentional, like moving or resigning or unintentional, like death or incompetence or some kind of hybrid, like being convicted of a felony, but regardless of how it happens, the office is vacant when an action by a councilor or mayor precipitates it.

When you’re a public official some things are no longer just your private business because they determine your ability to govern. Where you live and for how long are a couple of those things.

Kim Rosenberg

Chance Encounters as the Walls Close In…

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By Edward Curtin
Global Research, September 12, 2023

“A treasure stumbled upon, suddenly; not gradually accumulated, by adding one to one. The accumulation of learning, ‘adding to the sum-total of human knowledge’; lay that burden down, that baggage, that impediment. Take nothing for your journey; travel light.” – Norman O. Brown, Love’s Body

These are “heavy” times, colloquially speaking.

Forebodings everywhere.

Everything broken.

People on edge, nervous, filled with anxiety about they know not what since it seems to be everything.

The economy, politics, elections, endless propaganda, the war in Ukraine, censorship, the environment, nuclear war, Covid/vaccines, a massive world-wide collapse, the death of democratic possibilities, the loss of all innocence as a very weird and dangerous future creeps upon us, etc.

Only the most anesthetized don’t feel it.

The anxiety has increased even as access to staggering amounts of knowledge – and falsehoods – has become available with the click of a button into the digital encyclopedia.

The CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control program has gone digital.

The more information, the more insubstantial the world seems, but it is not an insubstantiality that connects to hope or faith but to despair.

Across the world people are holding their breath. What’s next?

Club Manzanita, A Case Study

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How Public Records requests get processed in Manzanita.

Case A. Request by Deb Tinnin for 5 years of emails between myself and our current Mayor and Council, past Councils and the City Attorney. She emphasized that she would like this request filled “as soon as possible”.
City Response: The City Manager sends the Council a notice that “Your immediate attention is needed!” and you have a little more than 48 hours to comply with Ms. Tinnin’s request.
City Attorney Review: 478 pages submitted to Ms. Tinnin with NO City Attorney charges for review.

Results: In the City’s haste to comply with this request, non public information of a citizen is released and disclosed on the internet for all to see. No acknowledgment of this error or public apology is given.

Case B. Request by myself for the City Manager’s current monthly salary and benefit costs.
City Response: I’m initially told that the City does not have that information and am reminded that the City has 15 business days to respond to a public records request. After I suggest to staff where this information can be found, the City acknowledges that it does indeed have the information.
City Attorney Review: My one page document containing this public information will require City Attorney review and I will be charged $329.37 before I can receive it.

I made this exact same Public Records request to Cannon Beach and received all of the information requested within 48 hours. No excuses that they did not have the information, no reminder that there is no urgency on their part to fill a public records request, no City attorney review, no City Attorney charges, in fact no fees of any kind.

This is an example of how Club Manzanita operates. Members in good standing get VIP treatment, non members in essence get told to take a number, get your checkbook out and we’ll get back to you.

The right to equal treatment and to not be singled out due to asking questions or making public observations as to how its local government conducts itself is a foundational right of every citizen. Councilor Kozlowski claims that asking such questions amounts to “harassment and intimidation”. Unnecessary obstacles to the release of public records becomes acceptable and the City Manager advises the Council that individuals who exercise their rights should be “discouraged and even ignored if necessary”.

The advantages of Club membership are obvious. Members first get Committee appointments and when the occasion arises, selection to fill vacant Council seats. Looks like the Council will soon be appointing another citizen to fill a vacant Council seat. If this trend continues, Manzanita may soon have a Council the majority of which were not elected to office and all seem to be Members in good standing. Something to think about.

Randy Kugler

Save the Music

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Neakanie School district is eliminating music for the the 6th. Grade in Garibaldi. The school district purports to stand for a “First Class Education For Everyone” . To my mind, an education without music is a second class education. Go to the school board meeting tonite (6PM, 9/11/23) or e-mail the superintendent at to let your feeling be known if you think music should always be an integral part of a “first class education.

Never Forget WTC builing 7

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One of the Nehalem area’s greatest assets are the Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue First Responders. I’ve had occasion to call them twice for individuals in medical distress, and these responders are top of the line; it doesn’t get any better.

We are very lucky to have them. I do have an issue with the new fire truck though.

Three World Trade Center buildings were blown-up and collapsed into their own footprint on September 11th, 2001. But only two WTC buildings, numbers One and Two, the tallest two, are depicted on the sides of Nehalem’s new fire truck.

WTC Building 7 was 47-stories tall, about half the size of the 110-story WTC buildings 1 and 2. It would fit quite nicely on the door I think, next to the other two buildings that were blown by criminal elements in the Israeli, Saudi Arabian, and American governments.

This ‘false flag’ (Osama did it!) was done to justify the destruction (make money killing them and stealing their oil) of Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran. Only Syria and Iran have avoided being attacked by the United States (so far) after the false flag attack in NYC that day, which saw the Bush Crime Family blaming Osama Bin Laden for their 9/11 operation.

Brilliant nomenclature: 911. No other three numbers strike such a chord in Americans hearts.

Anyway, the side of the new fire truck is missing a building, yes.

In the second link below, one can hear NYC First Responders discussing the demolition of building 7, and you can hear the explosions yourself.

And you can hear the owner, Larry Silverstein, claim that they decided to blow up Building 7 that day (pull it) in order to save firefighters’ lives. (They killed how many firefighters in buildings One and Two? As if he cares about a few more. Larry Silverstein had just bought the WTC complex btw, and he is a Zionist Jew and was very much interested in destroying Muslim countries and stealing their oil.)

Obviously, it takes more than a few hours (about two weeks actually) to rig a building of that size for demolition. Larry here suggests they rigged it in one afternoon! The truth is Mossad agents rigged the buildings with explosives, they were given that job. Ain’t telling you how I know that.

But I will tell you that nobody involved in 9/11 (about 200 individuals or so) cares that I am writing this. They blew up a 47-story building on live tv at 530 PM on a Monday in lower Manhattan and nobody even remembers it happened! (Mission accomplished)

I went in WTC Building One as a kid, but only to the unimpressive 14th floor.

I did witness Building 7 blow up on live tv, which is why I probably keep harping on it. I saw it blow up LIVE. You didn’t, because you turned off the television before 5:30 PM that Monday, like so many other Americans. But I kept watching. It’s kind of f*cked witnessing such a crime and then watching a nation totally unaware that it even occurred. I bet it makes Dubya laugh tho.

(My theory is the THIRD PLANE was supposed to hit the THIRD BUILDING, but it was forced down by passengers over Pennsylvania. So they had to blow up Bldg 7 without the plane-hit cover. Just my theory, ain’t heard nobody else posit such.

I’m guessing our friends in ‘intelligence’ have totally scrubbed the video of Dan Rather and Bldg 7 that day, but I watched Dan on CBS look really confused, wondering why his producer had cut to a shot of WTC building 7 which only had a small fire on a 30th floor. Then me and Dan Rather watched the f*ucking building blow up on live tv. (You can see video of the controlled demolition in link #2).

If you recall, Dan Rather came out against attacking Iraq (a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11 – younger generations don’t know that), and he was promptly fired by Westinghouse-owned (weapons systems) CBS News.

It’s important to remember history, to remember building 7, to put a picture of it on Nehalem’s fire trucks. Building 7 isn’t on any fire trucks that I’ve ever seen. Why is that? It wasn’t big enough?

Can we put a rendition of WTC Building 7 on Nehalem’s new fire truck? That would be a grand gesture to the NYC First Responders who witnessed that part of the attack on the American people.


It’s important to remember WTC 7 because when we forget things like WTC Building 7, we get Covid1984, and more and more lies that can lead to things like WW3 with Russia.

It’s too late to stop Covid1984 and war with Russia tho.

But maybe we can stop them from closing our schools again and masking our children during Gates’ upcoming ‘pandemic number 2’.

School closures and masks are great for fascists, but bad for children:

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Ben Killen Rosenberg
September 2023

Manzanita Public Library
571 Laneda Ave
Manzanita, OR 97130
503 368 6665

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday closed
Closed daily for lunch 1-1:30pm

16 combines – Monotypes/collage/watercolor/monoprint/drawings
All works are archival mounted on primed wood panels
Exhibit continues in
• Children’s room
• Hoffman Room
• Computer Area
•. Reading Area
50% of all sales goes to Manzanita Public Library
To purchase work, questions, or tell me a joke
Please contact Ben Rosenberg 503 939 4757
Instagram @flipbunny


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I have no idea how many people are in our BBQ community on the average. Anybody?

I wonder how many are in a book club?

I wonder how many regularly read the NY Times, the Post, Wall St. Journal, New Yorker, Christian Science Monitor, Time Magazine or any of the others pillars of mainstream journalism, and if so would you ever find such a comprehensive and well written piece as the one linked below?

How about any book clubbers out there read the article as an assignment and respond to me? I will give it a week and then post, with permissions and anonymous if requested, those collected responses here.

Just curious as we approach such a pivotal date in our worlds history.

Buster Special

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APM is happy to announce:
Free Moss treatment with every Gutter Cleaning service.
Now is the time to service gutters and downspouts.
We also offer Moss removal services
Will beat all competition prices. Mention “BUSTER SPECIAL”
Call or message for a free Instant bid 503.812.0560


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Hi Chuck and Barb

I have repeatedly put an ad together and sent it into bbq for my 1 bedroom apt. for rent.

3 times now BBQ has sent me a message saying there is something unsafe in this website…code 403. Whatever the fudge-aroony- that is.

Will you please let me know if you have – received my post?

I would call you guys but don’t seem to have your number.
Your pal,
Maranne (Laszlo) in Wheeler

Your voice your vote matters

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Do you support Senator Suzanne Weber and other Republican senators’ petition to be allowed to serve again despite having exceeded ten unexcused absences during their walkout and violating Measure 113?

Please click the link to cast your vote:

Your voice, your vote matters!

Manzanita Farmer’s market September 8! Fulton Farms will be there with excellent “Angelus” peaches!

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Fulton Family Farms will be at the Manzanita Farmers Market (Underhill Plaza) this Friday, September 8th… market runs 4 to 7, and you don’t want to miss this one! We will have available excellent “Angelus” peaches — this variety is amazing! Best flavor, great size, absolutely awesome peaches. AND… long-term weather forecasts don’t look good — this may be your last chance to take home some of our peaches!


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Co2 in simple graphics.

Just saying, do not confuse Co2 with pollution.
Reasons for pollution range from vested interests in outdated means of energy production i.e., coal, oil, wood, wind, solar panels, hydro, unstable nuclear, to poor regulations, political gamesmanship, waging wars and denying equal shares in the global village, none of which will alter climate the least of which is Co2. Be very wary of any policies rammed through legislatures to ‘combat’ global warming.