Conversations With Councilors: 10am May 28, 2024

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Conversations with Councilors
May 28th 2024, 10am

The final Conversations with Councilors is next week and the focus will be on a prepared food tax as an alternate revenue source. The results of the Conversations With Councilors series will be presented at the June City Council Meeting.

Limited seating is available so please RSVP here:

Meeting to be held at the Manzanita Visitor Center

Bouquets of Spring Flowers

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Spring flower bouquets will be available this weekend at the Manzanita Grocery & Deli this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friends of North County Recreation District hope to have the flowers there by 9 AM. Money from this project will go to support NCRD programs and projects through promotion, fundraising, and providing scholarships to encourage inclusion for all at NCRD. Thank you all who bought dahlia tubers. The $450 we made from that sale will go into youth sports programs this summer!

Evening / Weekend seasonal 3 hours a week

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Tillamook Oregon Immediate needto fill very minimal oncall cldeaning position could develpp into more
This position is for cleaning:

Public Use Restrooms
Small Kitchen
Small Event Space
Large Event Hall with restrooms and small Kitchen

Friday evenings 45 minutes to 2 hours depending in if both places are on the schedule 8pm start and
Saturday on call
must have transportation and cellphone
Times may vary every weekend and sometimes only 1 night
$20 an hour to start
after training $30 an hour when you can work alone up to3 weekends of training
two seasons of work : Vacation and Holidays
email :
call or text and leave a message with your nsame and number : Tiffany (503)457-6177


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FRIENDS OF NORTH COUNTY HAS STARTED THEIR DAHLIA TUBER SALE. THIS WEEKEND FRIENDS WILL HAVE TUBERS FOR SALE AT THE MANZANITA GROCERY AND DELI IN DOWNTOWN MANZANITA. Many of them have already started to grow. Get them before they are gone! Named tubers are $2 each and the mystery tubers are $1 each. All proceeds go to help programs provided by NCRD. Youth, Aquatic, and Fitness receive these dollars to make NCRD inclusive for all in our community. Thanks!

Preserve and Share your Cherished Tapes and Photos

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Hey bbq. My name is Drew and I am a local video/tech geek.
VHS/8 mm tapes and photographs decay over time and are difficult to share with family and friends. Digitizing not only preserves these memories but allows them to be safely and easily shared.
Tapes are transferred to mp4 files and can be uploaded to social media and/or Cloud Storage Platforms. Due to new software the cost is now $13 per tape.
Photos are scanned in high def and transferred as jpg files which also can be uploaded. Cost is $2 each for quantities of 1-50. $1.50 each for quantities over 50.
Both video and image files can be sent directly to your computer.
You can contact me at
Looking forward to helping you share the Times of Your Life! Cheers, Drew.

Residential design and permit services

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We are a sustainable residential design firm located in Nehalem looking for clients who are wanting a new build, remodel, ADU, or even just a permit set to submit to the county. We have a close relationship with the county which helps with the process of approval and efficiency of the project. Reach out today for more information. and

Club Manzanita The Pinocchio Edition

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Six weeks and still no response from the City on simple questions explaining the justification and use of Water Operating Funds transfers to the General Fund.

In one explanation the City Manager attempted to explain Material and Service expenses in budgeted Funds and stated “we process significantly more invoices to the tune of about 50% of all of the financial transactions that occur in the City are for the water department.”
Through a public records request I did a fact check of monthly “water department invoices” processed by City Hall staff and they are nowhere near 50% of the annual Material and Services transactions claimed by the City Manager. You can do a review of monthly bills for City services posted in past Council packets on the City website to confirm this exaggerated claim based on actual payments of the City’s monthly bill statements for the Water Operating Fund.

The City Manager states that there are material and service costs incurred by City Hall staff to support the Water Operating Fund that should be paid with water revenues. She described examples of these items as purchases of “a desk, computer, paper and so on”. I am still waiting on an answer as to how much paper and how many desks and computers were purchased out of the FY 2022/23 Budget to provide City Hall staff with these needed items for their support of the Water Operating Fund.

I noted that the City’s own overhead analysis claimed City Hall staff costs of $38,332 for the Public Safety Department (Police) compared to $168,350 for the Water Operating Fund. Given that these two services are very operationally similar with respect to number of employees, total operating budget, number of Agenda items submitted to Council and monthly bill payment activity, why such a large discrepancy in the overhead costs for City Hall staff assistance? No answer.

Let me suggest the answer that the City does not want to provide. There is no opportunity to transfer and collect indirect cost charges from the Public Safety Department for the General Fund because the Public Safety Department is already in the General Fund. There is however tremendous incentive to justify exaggerated or nonexistent efforts by City Hall staff to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars of Water Operating Fund monies to the General Fund that can then be spent for anything that the City wants.

When the City Manager’s claims fail any simple fact checks or common sense explanations, whether it involves nonexistent Council Agendas being managed by City Hall staff, exaggerated Water Operating Fund bill payment claims and unexplained purchases of desks, computers and paper, the Club’s response will be deny, ignore or invent new explanations.

The Washington Post’s Pinocchio Fact checker could find plenty of material to work with with these statements coming from Manzanita City Hall. When given the choice between transparency with citizens and protecting its own, the Club will always choose the latter.

Randy Kugler

Bee’s HouseCleaning N House-Dog Sitting Service

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Hi! everyone if you’re looking for housekeeping/house-sit and pet sitting services. I have 13+yrs of experience housecleaning and have references. Please let me know. Also have my own equipment and supplies.

My availability is now open is subject to change.

Areas I’ll be serving in Manzanita,Nehalem,Wheeler,Rockaway Beach, Garibaldi and Bay City. Any further will be extra for gas.

I can do move out, deep cleaning and many more. Just message me and I’ll communicate with you and if you’re on a budget.

Correction to Manzanita Talks with Councilors

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In Manzanita Talks with Councilors, posted on May 10th, incorrect data was used when comparing Manzanita’s permanent tax rate ($0.42/1000) with Bay City’s. Bay City’s permanent tax rate is $1.5375/1000.
It is likely that the number Mr. Kuestner used included our operating levy for fire services, which is not a relative comparative for Manzanita, since Manzanita is part of NBFR.
TLT is also not a relative comparative, since Bay City’s much-lower TLT revenues are all subject to the 70-30 split, whereas some of Manzanita’s are grandfathered and can be used for general services and operations.

While each of our cities is unique, we face similar challenges in terms of trying to balance budgets and identify additional funding to maintain (and improve) the services we provide.

David McCall
City Manager, Bay City

Manzanita Talks with Councilors

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I attended one of the informal talks with Manzanita City Councilors at the Manzanita Visitors
Center recently. Through May, they’re focusing on Revenue Diversification, specifically asking about the possibility of having a Prepared Food/Beverage Tax in Manzanita.
Our discussion ranged far and wide (though focused on potential pros and cons of a local
Prepared Food/Beverage Tax).
The point of the discussion is that in Manzanita, the city depends heavily for revenue on the
Transient Lodging Tax (generated by hotels and short term rentals (STRs).
Our reliance on these taxes is driven by a very low property tax rate, (Manzanita property
owners pay (rounded) .42 per $1,000 of assessed value. Compare this with Bay City, where
property owners pay (rounded) $2.50 per $1,000. Of assessed value)
So, what other options do we have to pay our bills and assure a livable city?
Cannon Beach, Ashland and Yachats all have a Prepared Food Tax of 5%.
Ashland has had theirs for 30 years, followed by Yachats and most recently by Cannon Beach.
The “beverage” (if included) excludes alcohol.
There are a few more Conversations with City Councilors scheduled. I encourage
friends/neighbors to attend, to comment, discuss and learn from one another.
The remaining discussions scheduled at the Manzanita Visitors Center are:
May 14 (Tuesday), 1-3pm
May 22 (Wednesday), 1-3pm
May 28 (Tuesday), 10-12noon
To be sure there’s room at the Visitors Center, they ask us to reserve our seats:
Have Fun!
Mark Kuestner

There is a hole in the sidewalk.

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Grateful for our friends who care for this network that invites service to our community.

An Autobiography in Five Chapters
by Portia Nelson

Chapter 1
I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in. I am lost….I am helpless.
It isn’t my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter 2
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the side walk.
I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again.
I can’t believe I am in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter 3
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I fall in….it’s a habit…but my eyes are open.
I know where I am. It is my fault.
I get out immediately.

Chapter 4
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.

Chapter 5
I walk down a different street.

Tired, sad, dried wood flooring????

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Brighten up your wood floors and give them some new life for a fraction of the cost to refinish!
Call or message to book a bid


******We also offer AMAZING CARPET CLEANING SERVICES as well!!!!!

Budget Time for the City of Manzanita

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If you didn’t have time to attend the April 30, 2024 meeting of the Manzanita Budget Committee, you missed out on some fascinating information. There’s a lot of exciting things going on in our city (Building a new City Hall and Police Station, affordable housing, city revenue diversification, Comprehensive Plan update, etc.)

The entire Budget Committee was there (that’s 11 people): City Council/Mayor, and the City Manager as our Budget Officer. There were both old and new appointed volunteer members, continuing or beginning their terms of office. As required, they elected a new Chair of the Budget Committee (congratulations to Jim Dopp), and then got down to business.

Each year the Budget Process unfolds (as per Oregon law), with the Budget Committee going over the proposed Manzanita City Budget for the upcoming year, presented by the City Manager. The initial meeting allows for new Committee members to continue their training by asking questions, making suggestions, etc. This year was no exception, and many of the Committee members’ questions helped those of us in the audience to better appreciate the complexities of municipal budgets, even for small towns.

Last year the Manzanita City Council adopted a budgetary methodology to guide Indirect Cost Allocation related to overhead in the budget. Refer to page 70+ of the proposed budget if you’re a budgetary hobbyist and want to delve deeper.

Thanks in large part to tactical actions by our city administration and City Council over the last few years, the city is in excellent financial shape. For example, Manzanita qualified for a $2.7million state grant for our water infrastructure upgrades recently due to this pre-planning.

The next step in examining the proposed budget will be a Budget Committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 6pm. Public comments will be heard.

After this, there will be a special city council meeting on May 29, 6pm. where the proposed budget will be considered and adopted.

If you missed the Budget Committee meeting on April 30, you can listen to it here:
(scroll down to April 30th 2024 2pm)

Outstanding, Mail, Knife Sharpening Service

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Knife Flight( is an outstanding mail in knife sharpening service. It is local in Hood River, exceptionally easy to use and the quality of the work, the best ever. I sent in my kitchen knives, my fishing knives and my boning knives along with some very old LL Bean knives. They all came back better than new, even the old LL Bean Knives. I have severe hand arthritis and it’s now a pleasure to cut, dice and chop now rather than a chore that was painful. I could not ask for more. Well worth a try.

Anybody have ?a heat pump water heater locally?

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New DOE standards for water heaters will take standard household size electric water heaters off the market in 5 years. Manufacturers will likely stop making them earlier than that so they’re not stuck with product.

The DOE claims those of us who have designed electric water heaters into our interior space, like closets or kitchens, will not be unduly inconvenienced by converting to heat pump water heaters when our existing water heaters eventually fail. (They don’t seem concerned that folks will convert to gas, a more efficient way to heat water but non-renewable energy source!)

Beyond the prospect of having to remodel, rewire, and replumb my house to make that change, I am concerned about the noise generated by the heat pump. Does anyone in the Manzanita area have a self contained heat pump water heater (much more common and affordable than a split system), and could you comment on the noise level and the duration of the water heating cycle?

Thanks, Dave

Special NCRD Board Meeting tomorrow

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5 years ago I took on the NCRD with the intention of having it be the best it could be for ALL in the North County Recreation District. My intentions included having board members who would listen and address community concerns and to have the NCRD hire an Employer Representative to oversee/direct the Pool Project. Those intentions have now all been realized, I’m thrilled and encouraged. I acknowledge Mary Gallagher, Frankie Knight, Erin Laskey, Michael Howes and Doug Sparks for being the Board and your commitment and service.

I also encourage the community to attend the board meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6pm. Zoom link on the website,

HOWEVER, please attend the Special NCRD Special Board Meeting TOMORROW, Monday May 6, 2024 at 3pm in the Schoolhouse Room, @NCRD

Zoom Link to this Special Board Meeting|dOSWI5akJ6SnhKUT09

Pledge of Allegiance
Discussion/ Approval Pool Project COP 30
Review NCRD Board Letter to DEQ

Join me, be engaged
Constance S.

Club Manzanita Don’t Ask Those Questions!

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It’s been almost a month since I submitted questions to the City under their new “ask us any questions” invitation. Since my questions involved the Budget, I asked that the questions be included in a scheduled Budget Committee Workshop Agenda so that the public could both see the questions and have the opportunity to be involved in this discussion. Mayor Stock emailed me after the Workshop had taken place and took responsibility for not allowing either the questions to be included in the Workshop packet nor the opportunity for a public discussion to be included in that Workshop meeting. As neither the subsequent April 30th Budget Committee meeting nor the posted May 7th Budget Committee meeting packet on the City website does not include my questions, I must conclude that the Mayor does not want to entertain any questions involving misstatements by the City Manager for which the Council has no answers.
The Council has asked that citizens not take to social media to ask questions or comment about City business because it leads to the spread of misinformation. There is nothing preventing the Council from answering my questions but to date I have had no response. Given the City’s inability to provide any answers, I will offer a series over the next few weeks with questions on overhead cost charges to the Water Operating Fund that the Mayor and Council do not want to answer. I will start with the following explanation by our City Manager on the use of Water Operating Fund transfers to pay for City Hall staff to plan and conduct City Council meetings..
“The costs incurred to plan and conduct City Council meetings provide a good example. City employees have to manage the calendar, consult with the mayor, prepare an agenda, produce documents such as draft resolutions or ordinances, explain proposals, record meetings, produce minutes, answer councilors’ questions, and post meeting information on the website.” (March 6, 2023 City Manager memo to City Council). For all of FY 2022/23, approximately 144 Agenda items were brought to City Council meetings by City staff. A total of 3 topics or 2% of the total Agenda items for the year involved the Water Operating Fund. The 3 Council meetings involving the Water Operating Fund were all workshops led by the Public Works Director to discuss new water rates. Contrary to the above City Manager’s claims, no Resolutions, Ordinances or memos were presented to Council by City Hall staff nor did the City Manager consult with Mayor Simmons on water rates prior to any of these three meetings.
The Water Operating Fund can not be charged to pay overhead costs for City Hall staff efforts for managing Council Agenda items, of which 98% in FY 2022/23 had nothing to do with the Water Operating Fund. If this is a “good example” to explain the transfer of Water Operating Fund dollars into the General Fund for City Hall staff overhead efforts then we should all have concerns over other explanations being put forward by the City to justify these transfers.
In lieu of any common sense explanations on how these overhead allocation transfers work in Manzanita, be prepared to hear that this is how Warrenton does it and that is the only explanation the Council needs to provide to us.
Next time you see the Mayor or a City Councilor, ask them to explain exactly how the Warrenton model works in Manzanita. While you have their attention, remind them that In the past 4 Budgets, approximately $675,000 has been transferred from the Water Operating Fund to the General Fund for City Hall staff overhead expenses and why is the City Manager proposing another $199,357 be transferred from next year’s Budget now being prepared.
Simple question. Do you prefer to keep more of that water rate increase revenue we are now paying in the Water Operating Fund to cover the costs of operation, maintenance and needed upgrades to the water system that we have been told are desperately needed or should we be content that Warrenton knows what’s best for Manzanita?
Randy Kugler

4 more years for Erin

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Erin Skaar engages! You may have seen her at the Tillamook Home & Garden show or this morning in Manzanita, at the Pine Grove. Erin cares and shared she has many issues to complete as our incumbent commissioner. Erin is asking for our vote, please do not assume she will be re-elected, EVERY VOTE COUNTS, YOUR VOTE MAY BE THE +1! Please vote early, VOTE FOR ERIN!

Constance Shimek
PCP candidate

Hi northcoastbbq

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I’m looking for a few individuals that would be willing to participate in a investigation that I’m conducting for OLCC
(No I’m not affiliated with OLCC)
I’m acting independently
The olcc has asked me to go into a few bars
and collect video evidence of “overserving” and impaired driving.
You will be paid to sit in a bar and collect video evidence
(Don’t worry the cameras are covert)
If you would like to tap into your “spy” abilities
Email me for more info

Health Center/Pharmacy Permitting Submitted to Tillamook County

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Project Timeline Anticipates Groundbreaking in mid-July 2024

(Wheeler) – The Nehalem Bay Health District this week submitted to Tillamook County’s Community Development department design and permitting documents for the new Nehalem Bay Health Center and Pharmacy in Wheeler.

The submittal represents a major milestone in the project and anticipates a permit review schedule by the county that will allow groundbreaking in mid-July 2024.

The new Health Center will replace the existing Nehalem Bay Health Center, housed in a building that was constructed in the 1980’s that has no space for expansion or for the development of new health care services. The new Health Center will be located in a prominent location on U.S. Highway 101 across Hospital Road from the Wheeler City Hall. The new facility will have 15 exam and treatment rooms, a large pharmacy, a dental suite, dedicated space for behavioral health services and a large community meeting room.

Health District president Marc C. Johnson said the board is proud that a significant community project has been developed by a talented all-woman team of architects and designers from Scott Edwards Architects, as well as a diverse consultant team that met the Health District’s goal of teaming with multiple COBID certified Oregon firms.

(COBID firms are certified as minority-owned, women-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, and emerging small businesses).

“This team has worked diligently with the health care and administrative staff of the Nehalem Bay Health Center to plan an efficient, modern facility that will serve our community far into the future,” Johnson said.

The Health District board has also placed a premium on working with firms with substantial health care and coastal design and construction experience. The rest of the District’s team includes The Klosh Group, serving as the District’s owner’s representative and Bremik Construction the construction manager/general contractor.

Here is a timeline of key activities leading to construction of the new
Nehalem Bay Health Center and Pharmacy.

• Health Center/Pharmacy new-build site purchased by Health District: July 2021
• Scott Edwards Architects retained for site planning and highest and best use analysis: Summer 2021
• Schematic Design for Health Center/Pharmacy completed: December 2022
• Federal funding secured via Congressionally Directed Request: December 2022
• Local General Obligation (GO) bond measure for $10.25 million secured: May 17, 2023
• Environmental studies completed: Summer 2023
• GO bonds sold: September 4, 2023
• Klosh Group retained as owner’s representative: September 6, 2023
• Design Development documents completed: November 2023
• City of Wheeler Design Development approval: December 7, 2023
• Bremik Construction retained as Construction Manager/General Contractor: January 2024
• Tillamook County permits submitted: April 29, 2024
• Groundbreaking projected: Mid-July 2024

(Photo) – Scott Edwards Architects (SEA) assigned a talented all-woman team of architects and designers to work on the project for the Nehalem Bay Health District. From left, Jenna Hays, Lisa McClellan, Hayley Purdy (project lead), Amy Cripps and Eugenia Fama-Higgins. SEA, at the District’s direction, has also utilized Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business subcontractors to develop various aspects of the project.

Stunning Rental Neahkahnie

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Former 5-Star Airbnb soon to be available as a one-year rental. Immaculate, 520 sq ft, 1 bedrm cabin nestled in forest on Neahkahnie Mtn looking towards the sea. High ceilings, views from every window, exquisitely quiet yet 2 mi from lovely Manzanita. Ideal place to try a year of coastal living, telecommute, write, create. 1 or 2 people and a dog. $2100 inclusive.

Visit our airbnb listing for photos and reviews, reply to this email for a showing. Move-in ready June.

City of Manzanita Opportunities: Conversations W/Council & STR Committee

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Couple of quick reminders:
There are two Conversations with Councilors coming in the next week. Tomorrow (5/1) at 11am and Tuesday (5/7) at 10am. The focus of these is Revenue Diversification. Bring your ideas and questions. Due to space constraints you’ll need to RSVP here:

Additionally the STR Committee has openings and the window to apply to join this important committee closes May 6th. Application is available on the city website (homepage, left column), and you can submit them to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tillamook County Commissioners’ annual compensation

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to tillamook county voters,
i think it’s pertinent to know that one county commissioner’s current annual compensation of $125,000, then multiplied by 3 = $375,000.
i did the arithmetic, and that $375,000 is .26% of this year’s annual budget of $143,414,880. that’s about 1/4 of 1% of the total budget.
so the brouhaha that is being stirred up over the commissioners’ salaries is about an amount that doesn’t very much impinge on the overall dollars needed to run the county. it seems that this issue of the commissioners’ salaries is being presented to the voters as if our county would have so much more money to pay its bills if it weren’t for this “exorbitant” amount being paid to the commissioners.
also, i have to wonder how many people out there would step up to the plate to take the responsibility and time commitment of this job without this “exorbitant” compensation?
om peace namaste
lucy brook nehalem resident

Thank you, NCRD

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On Saturday, Conscious Living and Community Connections hosted Elizabeth Fournier, affectionately know as The Green Reaper. Elizabeth compassionately filled us in on natural burial and other alternatives for “going green.” The event would not have been possible without a venue. We are a lucky community to have NCRD available. Thank you, Kiley K. and your crew, and everyone at NCRD who make such community gatherings possible.
Sue McGrath

Truth and Passion in Manzanita

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This post is about general on going interest in Manzanita leadership.

Since moving to Manzanita four years ago, I have heard my junior high English and Journalism teacher’s voice in my head more often than I have since the early 70s. Libby Dunne was one of those teachers who left a lasting impression. She was passionate about teaching her students how to be intelligent consumers of information, how to recognize author bias and persuasion, and how to separate fact from fiction. She taught the difference between informative writing backed by references so the reader can read for themselves where the author had found specific information and entertainment style journalism which leans into hyperbole and opinion, in which the author tells the readers he/she is an expert without any support for that claim. (think Wall Street Journal vs National Enquirer)

Why has Libby Dunne made a sudden reappearance in my head? I was dismayed to read several posts or articles on Facebook or in local newspapers in 2020 that indicated there was a split in feelings towards the Manzanita City Council. The passion about our town was apparent. A sense of community or “team spirit” was not. Manzanita seemed to reflect our national political climate – divided. I did what Libby Dunne would have suggested. I began to run down the facts.

I discovered that there were several apparently disgruntled individuals who felt strongly about how business was being conducted in our town. I learned that one contentious issue was the (at that time) potential city hall. I relearned how unhappy people become when they feel that they are not heard or their opinion disregarded. But mostly I learned, hurt feelings aside, that the system worked as it should. When a fancy and expensive city hall was put forth, the town as a whole said, “No!” When people were unfairly targeted publicly, others came to their defense. When being a city councilor became too odious of a task due to personal attacks or incessant, repetitive meetings, people resigned and were replaced according to the rules. A new, more modest City Hall was planned.

I am grateful for Libby Dunne and all the other great teachers who followed her. I wish all people had that sort of experience in learning to read critically, which means reading with questions about the text and with an eye towards facts or bias, not simply being a critic. I wish all people would find the facts instead of simply swallowing whatever is put into print.

This is a beautiful town. I believe that all the residents here want this town to be the best possible place to live, and that is why passions are so clearly visible. In honor of Libby Dunne, I ask people to read the background information, read the city ordinances, take those steps to be truly informed and not merely indoctrinated. I don’t want any of the passion to be muffled. I do want facts and complete truths to be the currency exchanged in writing.

Best Pet Sitter!

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Ginger Matyas took wonderful care of my cat Henry while I was out of town with love, treats and toys!
If you have vacation plans I can’t recommend her enough to take care of your fur babies while you are away.
She has many years of experience and has been written up in magazines.
Ginger Matyas 503-440-4858
Below is a link to her website.

Best wishes
Jennifer Greer