Reply to dog attack

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I have little dogs -chi, pom, yorkie mixes
My dogs have been attacked about 8 times while walking on the beach. A small dog is like bait on a string, nevertheless that does not give other dog owners the right to let their dogs bother others.
Recently my dogs have been attacked by a new neighbor with a new dog. My arm was shredded by me trying to save my small dog that was being attacked by this dog. The dog owner apologized and said they would put up an electric fence – The dog is never inside the fence and was out the last time I walked by.
I bought a cattle prod – this was suggested by a friend who said that her two small poodles were always being bothered by a german shepherd whenever she walked her dogs – just one zap and the dog never bothered her again so I bought a cattle prod and the next time I go walking I am going to take it with me. I really don’t like aggression and I really don’t want to zap a dog with a cattle prod but unless I do this I cannot walk my dogs safely.