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The Cannon Beach Library is the place to be for Summer Reading fun, prizes, and special events! From June 22nd through August 24th, we’ll be encouraging summer readers from pre-k to young adult to “Read, Renew, Repeat.” During the nine-week program, the library will host a range of free activities focusing on environmental awareness and wildlife stewardship.
Our program launches Saturday, June 22nd with a lively Kickoff Party, art activity, and kid’s planting program. Participants will decorate their own pot from recycled materials and learn how to grow watercress. Each child who registers will receive a backpack and FREE BOOK. Registration is open both online and at the library, and non-local participants are welcome to join.
“Our program is based on no rules, just read,” said Jen Dixon, Library Manager. “We want to grow and engage future patrons by fostering positive connections among kids, libraries, and reading. We invite both local and visiting families to come discover what our library has to offer.”
Other events include Ocean Animals Month and in-library scavenger hunt, a program with the Seaside Aquarium, bilingual story time, and an interactive story, music, and crafting event with children’s author Sara Behrman.
Participants will track their daily reading habits and earn badges and prizes for every seven days of reading, with opportunities to enter monthly raffles for Lego sets, art and STEM kits, and gift certificates to the Cannon Beach Book Company.
The Cannon Beach Library is committed to supporting reading for all families. To learn more about our Summer Reading Program, please call 503-436-1391 or visit our website:

Science Is Real

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I haven’t quite been able to figure out why anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are often very pro-Russian, very hateful of our own country with all its flaws, and also despise people with different views of society, politics, and health.

As for masks, Andy, you have no idea why anyone chooses to wear a mask but insist on your right to pre-judge and condemn them. What or who makes you So, So Special? I’ve known some patriarchal dudes in my life, but… wow!

Gene Dieken

Rental needed

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My friend and longtime gardening partner will soon be in need of a new home. She’s a single woman in her seventies whose needs are simple. She prefers a small one-bedroom cottage in the country if possible. She needs to be in commuting distance of Cannon Beach. She is not on social media so I am posting this for her. If you know of anything at all, could you please let me know? We’d be immensely grateful. Blessings!

Walnut standing table/desk with 6 stools

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Super nice custom walnut butcher block table for sale. Standing height, 6-ft x 2.75-ft. Bulletproof sealant. Custom legs with castor wheels (one needs repair, have the parts and bonder). Six metal stools. Power socket underneath. Looking for a good home. Steal at $200 if you come get this weekend.

In in Manzanita.

Graceful Waves Wellness Center’s Anniversary BBQ

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Triple Celebration Event!
Join us for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate three amazing milestones:
5 Years in Our New Building – Marking half a decade since we moved into our wonderful space on the summer solstice!
Dr. Dawn’s 20th Year in Practice – Honoring many years of dedicated service and care.
Official Federal Charity Status – We’re proud to announce that we’ve become a federal charity!
Date: June 22nd Time: 5:30pm Location: 206 S. Marine Dr, Wheeler OR
What’s in Store:
Exciting Surprises: Be among the first to experience our special announcements and surprises!
BBQ feast: Savor a delicious spread of BBQ favorites including chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, and more!
Free Posture Screenings: Take advantage of complimentary posture screenings and detailed reports.
Music & Bonfire: Groove to music and gather around the bonfire for a cozy evening.
Bring your friends and family for a night of celebration, food, fun, and community spirit. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!
RSVP Today on Eventbrite and Join the Celebration!
No entry fee. RSVP here:…

Car Camping Driveway Wanted

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Hello Manzanita to Garibaldi area friends.
I am looking for a driveway or place to car camp in your area.

I’m SAM, and I live in Long Beach, WA. I’m traveling to Wheeler each Monday/Tuesday from June through November for medical appointments. I’ve been car camping at local campgrounds which are often noisy: (Kelly’s Marina, Barview & Nehalem Bay State Park).
With gas & campground fees, it’s been a lot. I am looking for a driveway or safe place to car camp. Willing to pay $20 each week to park on your flat, level property.

If this sounds like something you can help with, I’d appreciate your assistance. You can email me at:

Thanks for your consideration.


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Part Monty Python, part Sherlock Holmes, this Olivier Award-winning comedy is a global phenomenon guaranteed to leave you aching with laughter!
‘THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG’ live on stage at the NCRD Performing Arts Center for six remaining shows from 06/14/24 – 06/16/24.
Friday at 7:00 p.m. Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Sunday Matinee at 2:00 p.m.

Science Is Real

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One more thing to get off my chest while I’m at it: The dangers of the so-called ‘liberal’ anti-science ‘science is real’ crowd.

The ones who are STILL wearing masks (the leftist/communist equivalent to MAGA hats) to combat aerosolized ’covid’ are definitely in this anti-science crowd. And do you see the danger? Those masks are not protecting you folks, so if you don’t want to inhale ‘covid’ you need to just stay home or away from people. And it’s really sad when I see crazy people like this alone in their cars, alone on the beach, along gardening like the lady along Hwy 101 yesterday wearing masks, very much alone and outside. It’s f*cking sad and anti-science and they have been victimized by the pro-covid pro-shutdown creeps of the billionaire class and millions and millions who gave in to the fear and embraced this medical tyranny from on-high.

But my issue with the anti-science crowd isn’t just with ‘the vaccine’ that isn’t really a vaccine, like those of us who understand science knew all along.

From the ‘liberals’ beloved 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

We also knew early on that the vaccines were killing people and causing infertility and raising humanity’s all-cause mortality rate:

(Maybe watch our pandemic ‘$avior’ Bill Gate$’ extreme and hysterical Ted Talk about humanity’s dire need to depopulate next???)

And yes, while millions and millions of ‘covid’ cases were really the flu (where did the flu go in 2020?) and folks who died from myriad causes were tested post-mortem for ‘covid’ and if it was found via PCR (PCR finds EVERYTHING and MEANS NOTHING as we all have tons of pathogens in us constantly – science) the hospitals got $50,000 from the CDC (our tax dollars) for each ‘covid’ death. Huh? Wuh? Why? And now The WHO wants to do this scam all over again with…drum roll please…BIRD FLU!

But it looks like SCIENCE from MEXICO took down the DOD/CIA/BIG PHARMA/BIG TECH/BIg BANKS opening bird flu salvo:

“The Mexican government has denied that one of its citizens died of H5N2 bird flu, contradicting claims from the WHO. The WHO claimed that the death of the Mexican man was the world’s first fatal case of bird flu in humans.
The head of the country’s Ministry of Health, Jore Alcocer, said in a press conference on Wednesday that the WHO’s announcement was “quite bad” and that the actual cause of death of the 59-year-old man, who died on April 24, had not been determined.

Alcocer stated that the man suffered from chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, all of which could have influenced or caused his death. He had been bedridden for weeks before dying.
The Health Secretary also reassured the Mexican people not to panic or to avoid consuming chicken in any form.”

Science is real, and if you don’t understand science, but still have one of those self-righteous signs in your yard, you might want to start learning how to read science. (Also on your sign it says ‘women are to be respected’, and I hope everyone who has one of those signs stands opposed to trans men competing in women’t sports. And if ya’ll want to keep getting folks angry at your ‘community’ keep doing things like insisting boys can compete on girls sports teams in high school or college.)

Here he is himself:

NICE TRY LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and despite what the MSM is telling you, those Russian war ships that just arrived in Cuba two days ago because of idiot Democrats destroying Ukraine and NATO/Democrats continuously screwing with Russia’s sovereignty in general, are carrying NUCLEAR WEAPONS also. And I thought Trump was the one who was gonna get us nuked? Again, I THOUGHT TRUMP WAS THE ONE WHO WAS GONNA GET US NUKED?? I remember that hysteria well. I would love some apologies from the pro-Biden crowd about this one! Four more years in office and the Obama/Clinton Dem absolute anti-human no-border war-scum running this admin for the senile, pants-sh*tting girl-sniffing creep will DEFINITELY GET US NUKED:

But the real reason I want to address the anti-science ‘science is real’ crowd today is that I just got wind of this absolute anti-science horsesh*t from the ’science is real’ crowd of Multnomah County:

And here is SCIENCE, as opposed to idiot hysteria from Wokeland’s city council and the Covenor Kotek’sOffice. (Covenor, I just made that up, pretty good eh?) In fact, the defendants should just play this outstanding documentary in court:

And if you want to understand why the Air Force clouds our skies here at the coast every so often:

Yup, science is real.


Great Music for a Great Cause

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Only a few more days left to grab tickets for what will be a great afternoon of music and celebration at NCRD’s Performing Arts Center on Sunday afternoon June 23rd.

There will be two stars of the show – the widely popular blues band Rick Estrin and the Night Cats and the new Nehalem Bay Health Center and Pharmacy.

All proceeds from the benefit show will go directly to construction and finishes for the new Health Center that will be under construction in Wheeler this summer.

Pre-concert reception at 2:00 pm … music at 3:00 pm.

Tickets at Ticket Tomato:

TEEN NIGHT at North Coast Pinball Friday June 21st, 6-8PM

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Hello BBQ Community-

Teen Night at North Coast Pinball is next Friday, June 21st, 6-8PM. FREE PINBALL and Games for ALL TEENS! Please spread the word and send your teens in for some free fun!

Please contact Christy at (503) 800-1092, for info, questions or to donate to this event that relies solely on donations

Thank you!

Summer Solstice Community Drum Circle at Rising Hearts Studio

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Hello BBQ Community-

Please join us for a special Community Drum Circle to celebrate summer solstice! Bring your drums and percussion instruments to Rising Hearts Studio next Thursday June 20th, 6 PM! And let’s use the energies to join in rhythm of the sacred day. If the weather is nice, we will be outside in the courtyard.
No experience necessary – just a desire to join in community.
Suggested $5 LOVE donation. Hope to see you there!

Contact Christy (503) 800-1092, for info or questions.

Volunteer to Friends of North County Recreation District

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HELPERS WANTED-Does anybody out there have a couple of hours to spend volunteering for Friends of North County Recreation District sell patriotic banners, hats, float decorations, necklaces, and such with a 4th of July theme? No fireworks will be sold. Friends of NCRD support programs and projects through promotion, fundraising, and providing scholarships to encourage inclusion for all. This includes the Youth, Aquatic, and Fitness Programs. We have a few holes in our schedule we need to fill. The schedule is for two-hour shifts starting on June 28, a Friday, and goes until July 4, a Thursday.
On Friday, June 28 we need two people for both the 11-1 shift and the 3-5 shift.
On Saturday, June 29 we need one person for the 1-3 shift and two people for the 3-5 shift.
On Sunday, June 30, we need one person for the 9-11 shift, two people for the 1-3 shift, and two people for the 3-5 shift.
On Monday, July 1, we need one person for the 9-11 shift, two people for the 11-1 shift, one person for the 1-3 shift, and two people for the 3-5 shift.
On Tuesday, July 2, we need two people for the 11-1 shift and 2 people for the 3-5 shift.
On Wednesday, July 3, we need two people for the 9-11 shift, two people for the 11-1 shift, one person for the 1-3 shift, and two people for the 3-5 shift.
On Thursday, July 4, we need two people for the 9-11 shift, two people for the 11-1 shift, two people for the 1-3 shift, and 2 people for the 3-5 shift. Contact Patty by calling 503-368-6081 (message phone) or reply to Many thanks!

Summer Concerts start on Saturday- Season Pass Available!

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2024 Riverfront Concerts Season Pass
Summer concerts are back for 2024!

Featuring an all star line up of musicians performing intimate riverfront concerts for 25 lucky attendees.

This concert series is part of Communitea Nonprofit’s work to support the arts and to create community events in harmony with nature.

All ticket proceeds go to performers and the quiet setting allows for their voices and music to be heard in ways that louder venues can’t accommodate.

It’s a magical experience for everyone.

Season Passes include all 8 concerts for $200 ensuring you a seat at every show and supporting our nonprofit’s work to create this series each year.

Each season pass holder also receives a free Communitea mug to enjoy with tea during the show.
Concerts are from 6-8pm. In case of rain they are held in the barn.

6/15 Joshua Lowe (this Saturday!)
Lowe’s sound is steeped in American music as he has a deep appreciation for roots traditions. Growing up listening to Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Flatt and Scruggs, Woody Guthrie, early jazz, ragtime, field hollers and gospel.

6/29 Lauren Sheehan
Lauren brings her down-home music uptown, mixing old blues, early jazz and roots of country for a bluesbilly-good-time sound. Dubbed “Portland String Queen” by The Oregonian for her multi-instrumental prowess, Lauren is also known for her unforgettable voice and sings like “an angel with horns”.

7/6 Kathryn Claire with Sid Ditson
With her violin and voice at the center of her music, Kathryn Claire weaves together stories and melodies rooted in her classical and traditional musical background while infusing each song and composition with an energy and electricity that is palpable.

7/20 Juliet Sings
“Multi-instrumentalist and award-winning vocalist whose songs summon a deep presence . . . will make you laugh and cry as she exposes the sweetness of humanity down to its sexy mortal bones.”

7/27 Kris Stuart
Singer/guitarist Kris Stuart of Wanderlodge and Root Jack, is a traveling troubadour wandering the west. Folk music, blues and country melt together in songs of sin and salvation written and gathered from a lifetime of mining for music.

8/10 Tevis Hodge Jr.
Born in Virginia, and inspired by his southern black heritage, Tevis began playing blues at the age of 12 years old, though he first started guitar at the age of six. With a deep love for Black American music, Tevis is compelled to bring the traditions of his heritage to life.

8/24 Carolina Lysse
Corvus Landing is a solo project by Carolina Lysse, a recovering farmer now living in Nehalem. With a voice like sweet bourbon, Corvus Landing sings about light and dark, flying and falling, presence and the passing of time.

9/7 Mojo Holler

Duo Mojo Holler weaves threads from mountain ranges to the Mississippi Delta into a tapestry of indie folk rock. Mister Baker channels innate genius through lap steel, slide, and dobro. Missi is a genuine Appalachian ‘Mountain Mama’ whose vocals and percussion bring burning intensity to each song.

Volunteers Needed!! Help at the Cannon Beach Library’s Book Sale

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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED It’s almost time for the Cannon Beach Library’s Annual Fourth of July Book Sale! The book sale is a vital fundraiser for the library. If you know your ABC’s, can tote some boxes, or sell books during the sale, we need your help. It’s a little crazy (and a lot of fun). Please come and help us make it a success. Strength is highly valued! How you can help: July 2nd – Beginning @ 3 pm: Preparing the library July 3rd – Beginning @ 9 am: Putting out books July 4th, 5th, 6th – Various 2-hour slots from 10 am to 5 pm: cashiers, baggers, stockers July 7th – Beginning @ 3 pm: End of sale tear down – packing books, loading U-Haul, cleaning library. The library opens on Monday morning! Call 503-436-1391, email, or stop into the library to sign up!

Sunday Sauna, Brunch and Grief Circle 10-2

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Brunch, Sweat and Tears: A Grief Salon:
This Sunday, June 16th 10am-2pm
Get tickets at link below:

Join us for a healing Sunday Salon with therapist and grief work facilitator Joshua Lowe.

As we enter summer it feels good to lighten our spirits by releasing the weight of grief that many of us carry for ourselves and for the world.

This Sunday Grief Salon is a gentle intro to working with the ”5 gates of Grief” discussed in Francis Weller’s book “The Wild Edge of Sorrow”.

After a cleansing sauna and cold plunge (optional) and light brunch we will sit in circle and work with the sacred emotion of grief.

Northern CA based grief facilitator and therapist Joshua Lowe will be leading us through the 5 Gates:

First Gate: Everything we love we will lose.
Personal loss of loved ones, relationships, careers, loss of health. Here we are initiated into the medicine of vulnerability.

Second Gate: The Places that have not known love.
Parts of us that have been shamed, not allowed, or harshly judged. Here we are initiated into the medicine of compassion.

Third Gate: The Sorrows of the World.
Climate change, poverty, war and the collective pain of humanity.
Here we are initiated into the medicine of entanglement.

Fourth Gate: What you expected and did not receive.
Things we don’t realize we’ve lost, because we weren’t born into a village with full joyous welcome of our gifts.
Here we are initiated into the medicine of belonging.

Fifth Gate: Ancestral Grief
Unacknowledged and untended sorrow of those who came before us.Here we are initiated into the medicine of wisdom.

Get tickets with this link:

This gathering is about sharing what is true for you, whether it’s tears, anger, numbness or fear. It‘s about authenticity and connection.

There’s no expectation that you express your grief in any specific way. It’s not designed to “fix or process” you.

We’re hear to listen and express gratitude and share your feelings and experience.

This isn’t a depressing event, it’s a joyful, life affirming one.

All of you is welcome to share, witness, and honor grief and joy.

About the facilitator:

Joshua Lowe is a licensed therapist, public educator, musician, and nature-oriented rites of passage and grief ceremony guide.

He brings 20+ years experience supporting others in transformational journeying and has supported teens and adults in various communities including high school, men’s groups, nature, prisons, and in the therapy office.

Joshua has been mentored in leading grief rituals by Therese Charvet and Laurence Cole who are carriers of the grief rituals taught by Sobonfu Some and Malidoma Some.

He brings a deep reverence for the power of grief ritual as a healing force and is humbled by the opportunity to support others in deepening their relationship to self and community through honoring and expressing grief and joy.

Tickets for event at link below:

Memorial Service for Mike Glowa, Wheeler Resident, City Councilor, Fisherman Extradinare!

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Mike Glowa was an avid fisherman, an involved citizen and an all around good person. If you knew Mike you know how positive he always was.

Mikes family is holding a Celebration of Life for his friends and family. Please let Kristi know if you will be attending.

Lets give Mike a send off and honor his contribution to our community

North Coast Veteran for Peace Meeting

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Hey all

Our next Veterans for Peace meeting will be:

Date Thursday, June 13th
Time 10:30 PST
Place Off Shore Grill in Manzanita

You need not be a veteran to attend. Everyone is welcome. If you can’t join us in
person, you can attend via zoom. Everyone is invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
The following is the info:

Topic: Veterans for Peace Zoom Meeting
Time: June13, 2024 10:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 2187 2324
Passcode: 263855


Lots of Bikes!

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Bikes Bikes Bikes!!!
Get ready for some healthy summer fun w/ these great finds:

*Cannondale Super V 900 Extremely Rare $350

* Trek Very Special adult bike $175

* Vintage Schwinn Beach cruiser $200

* All Original Vintage Schwinn 5 speed cruiser perfect condition $600

* Fully enclosed Bike trailer for kids, pets, or groceries with 2 seat belts (Keeps the rain out)

Please no emails because I don’t receive them.
Call for more information or to schedule an appointment or
viewing. We can also text photos.
Serious inquiries only

(971) 324-0149

Handy Man Services Available

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Call to discuss jobs
(Please NO EMAILS!
(I often miss emails because I received
a lot of spam.)

Good Morning Nehalem
I’m a local, a father of 3 and trying to pick up some extra work.

If you have any projects needing attention.
Well then, I’m you guy!

I have many skills & wear many hats.
My skills include:
*Licensed driver
* Errand runner
*Yard work (I have a Mower)
*Painting (interior/ exterior/ cars/ toys)
*Skilled Car Mechanic
*Pet Sitter & Walker
*Heavy Equipment Operater

and Lots more!
If you have something in mind that’s not listed…
just ask me.
Most likely I’m your man!

Have a wonderful day!
Looking forward to working for you.

Nehalem/ Manzanita area

Call to discuss jobs
(Please NO EMAILS!
(I often miss emails because I received
a lot of spam.)

LNCT Wheeler Highway Clean-up

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Join LNCT for our quarterly Highway 101 clean up event! We will collect litter along Highway 101, on both sides of Wheeler, between Paradise Cove and the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 53. Trash on this stretch of highway washes into wetlands along the Nehalem Estuary, including wetlands protected and stewarded by LNCT; help us protect our valuable wetlands!

When: June 15th 9am-11am

Where: Meet at the intersection of Highway 101 and Hemlock Street.

We will provide safety vests, grabbers, and trash bags. Please wear sturdy shoes and bring gloves.

*Please note: Only persons 16 years of age or older may participate in an ODOT Adopt-A-Highway cleanup event.

Crochet Items

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Aimee-zing Creations!
Call Aimee to have handmade crochet goodies
made custom for you!
Beautiful afghan crochet blankets
Hats, beanies, scarfs, purses, bathing suit tops,
baskets, table cloths, and so much more!
Come by Sisters & Pete’s Coffee and Treats to view or buy some ready made items.

Calls or texts only
no emails please

Prices very depending on what project your wanting.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Pacific Pawns and Knights Chess Club Returns!

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Our Community Chess Club will be meeting at the Pine Grove in Manzanita on Monday, June 17th, between 4 and 6.

If you have never been, but are interested in chess, come join us!

It’s casual. It’s fun. It’s for all ages and experience levels. You can either join our new Chess Ladder Competition or just find a partner for some pick-up chess.

Boards, pieces, tables and snacks provided!