Don’t kill your pets yet?

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Dixie Gainer’s recent BBQ post discounting the reality of climate change began with the assertion that the World Economic Forum advocates dispatching pets as a mitigation tactic. Of course, this is easily checked and isn’t true. Here’s Reuters Fact Check:
December 16, 2022. The World Economic Forum (WEF) did not issue advice to slaughter millions of pets to curb climate change. Online reports that it did are false.
Reuters found no evidence that the organization suggested slaughtering pets, and searches through the WEF website did not reveal any such guidance ( The claims appear to stem from an article published by the website NewsPunch, which has posted false news in the past. It is viewable (…
Me personally, I’d have a hard time believing anything from a TwitterX feed calling itself “Illuminatibot.” The NewsPunch talking head in the linked video is a short silent clip repeating every few seconds and the audio is from a speech generator.
Many climate predictions certainly have been laughable. Modeling complex non-linear systems like climate is among things we don’t really have well-enough developed science, math, or computation for.
Nonetheless, certain things about climate change fall well within common actuarial math: If you live in Florida your homeowner’s insurance is now unaffordable if you can get it. If you live in Portland your electricity rate just went up by double digits partially to pay for undergrounding more than 100 miles of new distribution powerlines to prevent sparking of catastrophic wildland fires. Hurricanes and fires do not care about your politics.