Rented: Home in Nehalem

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Rental TAKEN
With much gratitude to those many folks who applied and reached out, I am
delighted to announce that a young working family has rented my home in Nehalem on 12th Street for the next two years.
My goal had been to create a sanctuary and peaceful abode for local working folks and I’m beyond the moon with this new arrangement.
Many thanks to my crew of Emily, Mindy, Matt, Arlie, Risto and Jann who cleared and cleaned in preparation of the new family. Julie of Buttercup has been the bestest downstairs tenant and she will also stay! Stop by Buttercup and Say HI to her!

I am happily renting a lovely home near my son John and his GF Sam in Lakewood, Colorado.
My address is
Janine Sunshine Cerino (new legal name on 3/7/24)
12221 W Rabbit Drive Lakewood CO 80401.
My number remains 443-356-5350 and my email
I love my Nehalem community and hope you will stay connected to me.
On FB as JAnine Seadler and at