Response to Dixie

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This is a response to Dixie Gainer’s post “How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times”. I have so disagreed with so many of Dixie’s posts that I stopped reading anything she posted. But then I saw this one. The title drew me in. As I read on, I realized I agreed with EVERYTHING she wrote there. My reaction exemplified the text of her message. We are so divided as a nation that the only way back is by having civil discourse with those with whom we disagree. I am neither a Democrat nor Republican but I align more with the liberal agenda. My news feeds are varied; including CNN, NY Times, NY Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, FOX, BBC, etc. My news motto would probably be “Don’t try to convince me, inform me”. I applaud Dixie’s attempt to bridge the gap between “us and them”. There is no other way I see us coming together without “Feerlessly Curious Conversations”.
Hopefully yours, michael sommers