ENOUGH! A response to Ms. Thomas’ last post.

Submitted By: proactivewheeler@gmail.com – Click to email about this post
Citizens of Wheeler: Please stop. These back and forth attacks on each other are not solving any issues. They serve only to further divide us.

Ms. Thomas, please know that your mention of my name and your opinion of who I am or what l stand for both were rude and defamatory. I have never
met you, nor had a conversation with you.

If you want to know about me, just ask. As I am a private citizen, neither you or anyone else has a right to defame me, especially on the internet.

Let’s work on this one fact: Wheeler is in a financial
crisis and is well on its way to losing its ability to remain incorporated. Regardless of who thinks who is to blame. This is all of our problem now.

There are some brilliant minds in this town. Let’s use them together to make sure Wheeler
continues to be viable and lets do it with some integrity.

Respect and peace ,

Heidi Stacks