Seeking pet friendly home to rent

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My dog and I would like to live in Nehalem or very close by. 1-2 bedroom 1-2 bath. Would love vaulted ceiling’s and an open floor plan. I am supposed to start working at J Marie salon/spa in Nehalem first part of August so finding a place before then would be a dream come true for us. We are open to roommates as along as there are no cats involved. Unsure on price at the moment as I understand coastal life is more expensive. We are looking forward to joining the small peaceful community.

1 or 2 people with truck to take load to recycling

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I have to clean out my storeroom by next Monday. Looking for one or two people (gender does not matter) with a truck or van to take various boxes, sundry items and only one large item, a light-weight rattan love seat, from Wheeler to the Manzanita transfer station either on Saturday, July 23rd, Sunday the 24th, or Monday the 25th. You choose the day. (Sorry–I can’t arrange the pick up for Friday, July 22 even though the recycling center is open that day.) Please email me at or call (206) 214-5101. Thanks BBQ land.

Bee Person

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Hi –

We believe we have a Bumble Bee hive under our lower deck, or between the house and the lower deck. There is a constant buzzing down there and we see Bumble Bees come and go.

We don’t want to investigate further until we know a Bee Person that can help us with the steps we need to take.

Thank you for any info, please email.

Lori Dillon


Flowers needed by Friends of NCRD

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Hello Friends and Neighbors!
Friends of North County Recreation District is in need of flowers for their Summer Fundraising. Due to a rather crazy spring our flowers are not producing like they should. We pick our flowers for bouquets fresh at about 8 AM in the morning seven days a week. If we could visit your garden at this time on certain days and pick for bouquets until our regular picking areas come on Friends of NCRD would be forever grateful. Or perhaps you could pick them and we would swing by to collect them. Please contact Gail at or call Patty-503-368-6081 and leave a message. Friends Mission is to Support North County Recreation District by Promoting it and Raising Funds for Its Programs & Projects. For the calendar year 2021-2022, Friends provided $6,145 in scholarships for the Pool, Fitness, and Youth programs, with more than half of that amount for Youth programs.

Black or almost black female kitten

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i posted this request two or three weeks ago.

my best reply was from the Tillamook Animal Shelter which has a female black kitten. i was slated to pick her up after a week or so, when she had had her shots and they deemed her well.

alas and alack, i filled out an application at the last minute, including the information that cats that live with me have 24/7 access to be outdoors or indoors via a cat door. i then learned that i am disqualified because the shelter will ONLY ADOPT OUT TO INDOOR HOMES.

i was sad for myself, for my cat that would love feline company, and for all the cats and kittens that are doomed to an indoor life.

so i am back in the market for a sweet black, or almost all black, or tortoiseshell, kitten.

i know that sooner or later the right kitten will come my way. she will be well-fed, loved, and have feline companionship.

om peace namaste

lucy brook
you can reach me by email or call me 503-368-3733

Looking for 2 People to Load a UHaul

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Elderly couple are moving from Bayside Gardens to an assisted living facility. I am looking to hire a couple of people to load the furniture they will be taking into a Uhaul. The moving date is Tuesday, July 26th in the morning. Please contact me at 5035395376 if this is something you could do. Cheryl Garrison

Wanted interior or acrylic paints

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My daughter is doing murals for her little siblings and we’d love to take any left over paints off your hands. We are pretty good on gray and beige tones. Not picky in types of paint, interior and acrylics is what she has used so far.

I can do a quick pick up Sunday between Wheeler and Manzanita.

We will gladly take any glitter off your hands as well 😉

She also says she is available for commissions now. Should have another example to show her work from her brothers room by Tuesday. Mural in photo isn’t done, but I wanted to bring attention to hopefully recycle some paints.

Thanks neighbors!


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A sober living house for young adults is desperately needed in Nehalem , Oregon. Do you have a duplex or single family residence home with at least three large bedrooms that you would consider renting as a sober living home? Existing successful models of how this can work already exist. Google search Oxford Houses for one model, Sober living of Washington as another. NO special zoning is required. Courts have established that sober living homes are compliant with single family residence zoning.

Sober living homes can save lives. They have good success rates of individuals staying sober whereas without a stable sober housing opportunity many young adults suffering with drug or alcohol addiction experience successive failed treatments. This revolving experience of treatment/relapse is very damaging to these young adults who already often suffer with low self esteem issues. Without a supportive, long term sober living opportunity, repeated relapse cycles are almost inevitable. Tragically this cycle will eventually and likely culminate in a revolving door of incarceration or death by overdose.

Currently, there is a Fentanyl opioid epidemic that is taking young adults’ lives at an unprecedented rate. Many overdose deaths occur after a young adult has succeeded in seeking detox and doing treatment. Unfortunately, these courageous steps rarely prevent relapse when there is no sober housing to transition to following detox and inpatient treatment. Oregon ranks as one of the three worst states in the United States both for drug addiction as well as for lack of drug treatment facilities. Sober living opportunities of one year or more are one of the most needed and least available treatment resources. Ask any addict with long term recovery success who made it out of repeated cycles of relapse what finally made the difference and they will almost uniformly name a structured, affordable sober living environment of one year duration. And yet this is a nonexistent opportunity in Tillamook county or our north county. .

Our local youth must leave the area to receive Drug&Alcohol Detox and initial inpatient treatment. After these initial 3-6 weeks of treatment they are spewed back out with often no solid housing available or if they can find sober housing it is more often than not in the Portland area. Making it newly sober in Portland when their life experience, families, job connections and community are our 3 villages is a huge culture shock. In spite of honest attempts to adapt, heal and stay sober, this culture shock is often overwhelming and an element of potential relapse.

Sober young adults are an asset to our community! They are an immediate source of workers for local businesses. They are a role model of sobriety to other local youth. In this way they also contribute to create a sober youth culture in our community which is extremely needed and generally lacking. A working residential sober living farm would also be a remarkable resource if any of the farms in our area can imagine helping to birth this opportunity.

As a community we have always shown insight, leadership and the ability to get remarkable things done. Isn’t it time we applied our collective resources to help save the lives of some our most vulnerable?

Please contact me if you are interested to help in any way. I have been focused on this need for a number of years now and have a network of information and resources. Sheila Moran