Response to Lawsuit A Fact Check

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Kim, your claim that I have stated that ” the City Manager is involved in a lawsuit with the City” is false. I have always referred and written about this matter in the way that the City has described it as an “investigation”.

Rather than falsely accuse me of saying things that I did not say, how about accurately reporting what I have said? My direct quotes follow on what I have written follow:

“As a citizen, I expect full disclosure of the actions of all of our public officials. If Mayor Simmons’s actions were such a threat to our City, I certainly want to know the details.”

“How much of that $90,000 is for the never ending investigation of the complaint filed by the City Manager against our now ex Mayor and when will citizens be allowed to review the investigation’s findings?”

Had you accurately described to readers what I have written, most fair minded citizens would likely conclude that I am interested in the facts and truth surrounding this investigation.

The investigator’s report and all fees paid by the City surrounding this investigation are public records. Citizens have a right to inspect public records without undue delays and burdensome fees and that is what we all should expect from our City officials.

The public’s right to know the details of an investigation concerning the City’s highest elected official outweighs any expectation that the complaining party’s accusations should be withheld from the public and their identity remain anonymous.

You state that “the city attorney’s job is to protect the city’s interests”. If protecting the city’s interests includes legal reasons for the refusal to release public records that are not a part of any lawsuit, I would expect citizens would have a problem with that.