Saving Precious Memories with Tape to Digital Conversions

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Hello bbq’ers. My name is Drew and I am a video tech.
Birthday parties, graduations, baby’s first steps and grandpa’s last, tape has served us well as a way of remembering our important moments. Unfortunately tape deteriorates over time and saving these stories for the years to come is best done with digital media.
I can take your VHS – mini VHS – 8 mm – super 8 – mini digital cassette tapes and transfer them to DVD for players and mp4 files for storing/sharing on net platforms. If needed I can edit content and adjust contrast, color correction and camera stabilizing.
Cost is reasonable and depends on tape type and desired VHS and/or mp4 output. Drop me a note explaining what you want preserved and I will give you a solid estimate. Sharing memories with family and friends would be a great holiday gift.
Cheers, Drew.