A Love Note for You

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Happy mid-October! I just wanted to send a quick love note to all of you and summarize the last 6 months at Dirty Bird’s to those of you who are new or could not attend all of the amazingness.

Our 1st May Day Gathering, ongoing Plant and Compost Sales, our June adult summer camp, the July 4th Mini Music Fest, the screening of Stop Making Sense in August, the beautiful labyrinth created by Za, yoga with April, the Aldervale Plant Sale with Hope, and the ongoing North Coast Community Saunas with Mike. Phew! Thanks for making things happen! I love it!

We continue to collect food scraps for our worms and have thrown some cover crop seeds around the lot now that the rains have finally arrived in full force. Let’s see what grows!

If you want to use the Dirty Bird’s lot for anything fun please let me know. I am open to just about anything! I hope you all have a beautiful fall/winter season.

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to discover some things that I love. I hope you love them too. Share your loves and I will add them to the website. See you around the towns!
– Kelley