Netanyahu let Hamas attackt Kibbutz communities

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From Politico:

“Survivors of kibbutz attack turn their ire on Netanyahu.” “A massive security failure and antagonism toward Palestinians means many Israelis think Netanyahu has to answer for Hamas’ attack.”

This is incorrect. As I suspected and wrote on BBQ the day after the attack, the corrupt Zionists around Netanyahu let this attack from Hamas happen on purpose. They got rid of the border security (arguably the best in the world) AND let Hamas run amuck butchering and raping and murdering Kibbutz communities for hours before they sent in the IDF. (My guess is Kibbutz folks are generally peaceful and anti-Netanyahu).

The woman interviewed here is a former Israeli Intelligence official who was once stationed on the Israeli border. The interviewer is a Portland resident and former Evergreen College Prof.

Think of Netanyahu as Israel’s Dick Cheney.

Harvard grad Netanyahu did not ‘fail the Kibbutz communities’, he let Hamas butcher them for hours: