Saturday Flowers & Bulb Sale

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Flowers & Bulbs from Friends
Flowers & Bulbs at the Deli Saturday Morning
Head out to the Manzanita Grocery & Deli this Saturday morning around 9 AM-Why? Friends of North County Recreation District will be there with a full-color catalog of fall planted/spring blooming bulbs. Make your selection right then and there, pay with check, cash, or Venmo and you’ll get a free cup of coffee from the Deli. Now if you get your free cup of coffee, drink it, and then decide you don’t want anything, you don’t need to give the coffee back.
We are offering a selection of magnificent alliums, daffodils, including all white daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, snakes head, paper whites and amaryllis. You can plant these in your yard, your neighbor’s yard, pots, or wherever you want. You can also give them away to a local organization. How about the Wonder Garden, the Library, Pine Grove, the City Park, your church, what a wonderful gift that would be! You just must dig a hole. Planting instructions will be provided with your purchase.
So don’t forget, Saturday, October 7, from 9-noon, each purchase of bulbs gets a free cup of coffee at the Deli. If you want a catalog to study over, contact Gail, and she will email you one.
And just a heads up-we will be taking bulb orders in the lobby of North County Recreation District this Tuesday and Wednesday, October 10 and 11. Expect us in the building from 8:30 AM to noon.
Thank you for supporting Friends of North County Recreation District.