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While eating a breakfast burrito this morning at Wild, I read the lead editorial in a New Yorker magazine and was well into it before I realized it wasn’t satire. It was so devoid of historical insight and understanding of military facts I was sure I was mistaken, but no. It was the exact opposite of the following perspective.

First few paragraphs:
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The “Collective West” led by the chief imperialist power, the United States, is careening and buckling, the wayward collapse evident with each passing day.

For what it’s worth, the transatlantic alliance of the U.S. and its European allies – embodied by the NATO military bloc – had a fairly good chronological run. The imperialist clique managed to hold together for nearly eight decades. But now that ship is running aground on the rocks of a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

Signs of collapse and disintegration are coming fast and thick. The military defeat in Ukraine by the NATO powers after a $100 billion investment in weapons is foremost among the casualty list – together with up to 500,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers.

What a hideous fiasco the NATO-sponsored campaign against Russia has turned out to be. A bloodbath in Europe akin to the worst among history’s many imperialist slaughters. The U.S.-led military alliance of 30 nations has spectacularly forfeited any pretense of being a “security organization”.