Let’s talk

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Tired of angry, divisive politics? Let’s try this, getting together for civil conversations about the things that matter to us. I’m looking for “lean reds”, “lean blues” and “in-betweens”. Let’s get together on Zoom and see where we end up. My hope is that we’ll have a better understanding of each other. This week let’s talk about our views on U.S. involvement in Ukraine invasion by Russia. Ground rules are very simple. (1.) Everybody brings their best manners. (2.) Nobody talks for more than 4 minutes at a stretch. (3.) Nobody comes to win an argument or change anybody’s mind. (4.) Listening is more important than talking. Zoom meetings Friday’s at 9 AM, invite link below us06web.zoom.us/j/81863487074?pwd=v1VrpdHv8Q42BH51gb1P0tYPPz6fbL.1
and/or Saturday’s. at 10AM, invite link below us06web.zoom.us/j/83311730121?pwd=dHFxYmdsUk9BZTRkUW5LOWFoSFpLUT09