Cleveland Clinic study: the more shots, the more ‘covid’

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Those of us who chose to stay calm and humble in the face of fear; those of us who understand science (not woke yard-sign virtue-signaling ’science’ which isn’t science at all); those of us who value personal freedom and freedom of information over hive-mind, knew YEARS AGO, that many if not all of those who shot ‘the vax’ would be immune compromised (eventually terminal), would be vax-injured, and/or would be at risk for all sorts of sicknesses (Did you even read the ‘vaccine’ insert???), AND WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO CATCH ‘COVID’ aka lab-engineered SARS.
I take some pride in these “I told you so” posts. Especially after taking so much sh*t from vaxxed folks who are about to get more and more and more ‘covid’ no matter how many times you ‘vaxxed’ or continue to ‘vax’. In fact, the MORE you ‘vax’ the MORE SARS you’re gonna get! (See Cleveland study below)
You could get some EXTREMELY HELPFUL (human) Ivermectin if Gov. Brownshirt hadn’t made it illegal for Oregon pharmacies to sell $1-a-pill Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin. I found it very helpful when I got infected with the DOD’s bio-weapon. But Gov. Brownhsirt made it illegal, and thousands of Oregonians needlessly died. She also made folks stay home and thousands of Oregonians needlessly died (be like Sweden this time around?). Gov. Brown made Ivermectin illegal so Pfizer and Mode RNA could make billions of dollars killing Oregonians with a ‘vax’ they never needed.
Where are the lawyers?
Gov. Brownshirt also put two thousand small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS with her illegal, immoral, and homicidal (it killed humans) shutdown., while keeping the Wal-Mart$ and Fred Meyer$ open.
Again, where are the lawyers? That is some sick sh*t right there.
Maybe Gov. Kotek will have the ovaries to be like Sweden this time around??? Or will she just be another wh*re for Pfizer and Big Tech/Pharma, and kill more Oregonians while making the big tech bros. rich?
I’m not sure where the lawyers are, but your ‘covid’ is coming back, especially if your ‘vaxxed’.


And since, as RFK, JR. pointed out, the CIA scripted Gates’ and WEF’s Event 201, it should come as no surprise to you that the CIA was working to hush the lab origin of this particular DOD/Gates/Pfizer/CDC/Fauci engineered brand of SARS: