Women’s Outsmart Over Eating Course-Fall Term Open

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I know losing weight and keeping it off can seem overwhelming or out of reach. Or both.
Sometimes it might feel easier to just settle…the hormones, menopause, too old, too busy, too stressed, etc.
But that little voice within keeps nudging us… a desire to feel vibrant and healthy in our body… or less critical self-chatter… or maybe a relationship with food that feels relaxed.
Want to lose weight with self-love, kind support, and effective, research-backed tools?
If you are ready to try a non-restrictive diet, body-positive, brain science informed and heart-centered approach, join me for the 15th offering of this course.
Outsmart Overeating Course for women begins Monday, 9/18.
Enrollment is now Open We meet on Zoom.
Everything is recorded for replays so you won’t miss a thing.
Join me for the Fall Term www.nourishwithgrace.com/courses/outsmart-overeating-fall-term-2023
I’d love to support you meeting your holidays feeling better in your own skin.