We can fix your things at Repair Cafe Saturday

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There are now nearly 100 “repair cafés” across the US and ours, in dowtown Wheeler, is among them!

The Heart of Cartm Repair Café isn’t just about fixing broken items; it’s about sharing knowledge and skills, too. When you bring your broken toaster or worn-out work pants to our workshop, you have the opportunity to learn about your item and how to repair it yourself, with guidance from our skilled volunteers.
At our Repair Cafe, practical skills are passed on and valuable resources are saved! Bring your beloved, broken item to our team of Expert Fixers. They will do their best to help you diagnose the problem, find parts, learn to use the thing or repair it right there.
RSVP www.heartofcartm.org/repaircafe
so we know what kind of riveting repair we are getting into.

Examples of items we can fix at a Repair Cafe:
Fabric or leather with a small hole
Clothing to hem
Broken jewelry
Kitchen appliance
Tool or knife for repair or sharpening