Rental needed for the best tenant!

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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I’m am the tenant in need. My rental home in Wheeler is being sold and myself and my very mellow sweet quiet adorable dog Meatloaf need a new home (pictures provided)

It’s just us and we don’t need a ton of space. I’m mainly outdoors not at home so I’m very flexible on what can work. I just need something so we can stay and you all know how hard that can be to find. I’m really hoping someone here can help. Year lease is ideal. Im a quiet professional that also does ceramics in Nehalem at a local shop. Extremely good credit and qualified. Non smoking, non drinking, very quiet overall. Any questions feel free to ask. Open to all areas around Nehalem within 10 min or so is ideal. But again I’m in need so open to a bit farther.

I just received the news today so I have a little bit of time. Im in Portugal currently so it might take extra time for my response. It’s about 8 hours later But I’m on the serious search so I’ll be back to you very soon during my waking hours.

Fingers crossed the best landlord is looking for the best tenant and her adorable dog 🙂 Open to renting a room if needed but prefer my own space. I’m open though to hearing of anything!