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The response was sufficient to lay it to rest temporarily
Over the last three years many were shocked by the heavy-handedness of unelected officials from government bureaucracies such as the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon OSHA. This last week it became apparent that our local government appears willing subvert our free market economy under a small council with two employees.

On November 30th, the Tillamook County Commissioners held a public hearing on Ordinance #88 Business License Fee for Unincorporated Tillamook County. This new fee for businesses outside of cities in the county was so vague in its language that it included definitions such as “‘Doing business’ means to engage in any activity in pursuit of profit, gain, livelihood or any other purpose” [emphasis added]. Worse still was the “Violations and Penalties” section of this ordinance included a “$600.00 for any one offense. . . Each day constituting a separate offence” and “Inspection and Right of Entry.” This means that individuals with home-based businesses believed to be in noncompliance could be forcibly entered by a warrant: Selling firewood or eggs without a license would become a risky business.

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