Jeff’s honey delivery has some openings on the 23rd!

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Happy New Year north Tillamook County! Jeff will be passing through the area on MONDAY JANUARY 23RD in the late morning/mid-day hours doing some home-or-office deliveries (this is NOT a “pop-up” – just a quick swing through the 101 corridor on my way up to Clatsop County) – and there are 3-4 slots still open should you be interested. New raw honey arrivals include: Oregon Blueberry Blossom (quarts only – $26 each), and Blue Mountain Wildflower (from eastern Washington state – SUPER delicious – quarts only – $27). There are also a handful of half-gallon jar options available (now $52 each) – full gallon as well (now $98 each). I have a FULL gallon of real Vermont maple syrup ($80) – half-gallons of OG Apple-Cider Vinegar ($20 each – includes a refundable jar deposit) – regional bee pollen ($20 for eight ounces) and other items from the usual JW Merc array of products can be packed along per request. Text is BEST to reach directly: 208-424-0042 – e-mail works too: – but to learn more about what’s going on please visit the JW Merc Facebook page – where you can also send an instant message. See you on Monday the 23rd? JW