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Representative Marty Wllde is a Democrat representing House District 11. He has this to say about money in politics: “In effect, the content and direction of legislation for all of Oregon was decided by a group of 10 or fewer people. All Democrats. These people were picked by their ability to raise money, in secret.” (secret!) He also says that Campaign finance reform enjoyed a broad support in the electorate, but the Democrats in the legislature refused to support it!!

I am not concerned about a Republican PAC giving money to Republicans running for office. I am hoping to get a more balanced government for Oregon and so I am not voting for Democrats this year. We really need a balance to stop the one party control over Oregon. That is not a representative government. Make no mistake! I think that Republicans would do the same thing if they got majority power and held it for so long. A Democracy requires many voices to be heard. And ten people with the ability to raise money cannot be called a Democracy and should not control our legislature.

I put Marty Wildes entire letter in the BBQ some months ago. If you want a copy send me an e-mail and I will send one to you. In the box -saying Subject: put in ” Wilde’s Letter.”