ABOUT THAT HOTEL – It’s The Process

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For the third time, Manzanita’s planning commission denied a permit to the Manzanita Loft hybrid-Hotel development.
Coming up this month, are two hearings in which I hope the council listens carefully to the results from the Planning Commission, the city’s key advisory group on land use planning. The commission cited very significant safety issues in both the neighborhood and the adjoining golf course. Surely the Planning Commission’s frank concerns and recommendations would tug at the moral fiber of anyone — council members included.
When news of the proposed development first emerged, one citizen wrote to the City Council with questions and neighborhood concerns. She received one response which stated something like … the law allowed this development because it was zoned for limited commercial use. No reference was made to the Comprehensive Plan. The recipient felt it was a standard form letter that spoke to none of her questions or concerns. She felt nobody was listening.
In the case of the Manzanita Loft hybrid-Hotel, citizens were fortunate to bring together talented expertise and personal funds so land use planners and experts could be hired to present a factual and well-organized campaign. Today, this group calls itself the Concerned Citizens of Manzanita (CCOM).
Looking at all residents of Manzanita, my concern is for a process to weigh both sides. Not all neighborhoods are as motivated and organized as the CCOM. But, we do need to build a process that works for our neighborhoods using the CCOM as a model.
Our past experience has been on decisions related to land use development, if ‘the project meets code’, the City Council generally approves it. This project DOES NOT meet code — as cited in numerous documents submitted to the Planning Commission by the CCOM and reflected in the Planning Commissions’ decision.
This project has deep and wide community concerns — concerns that date back several years. It would be unfortunate to again, brush these aside and give this project an approval. July 19th @ 1:00 is the date for the City Concil hearing where testimony will be welcome.
We need to enter a new era, one where the city’s revenue isn’t placed above the preservation of our neighborhoods, where our administrative process is proactive.
Deb Simmons Candidate for Mayor daslunas@icloud.com