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Cannon Beach Arts Association Workshop

JULY 30, 2022
Rope Mat Making
Instructor: Greg Neitzel
Time: 10 – 1:00PM
Location: Cannon Beach History Center.
Cost: $50 Members
$60 Non-Members

*Materials Included

In the era of wooden boats and iron men “chafing mats” were woven out of repurposed fishing line and placed on the wooden deck in high traffic areas to reduce wear and tear on the wooden deck. I learned how to craft them when I worked on the Barracuda fishing out of Astoria. Oregon in 1973.I conduct workshops around the area and welcome Eager Beaver Weavers to my studio in Svensen, Oregon.All the repurposed line is from the commercial fishing fleet of crabbers and long liners fishing in the Pacific ocean and serves as the connection between the incredible bounty of our oceansand the hardworking hands that harvest it each year. The line is imbued with great fish karma.

Workshop requirements:

-be able to stand and move around for several hours

-neatly trimmed fingernails

-the ability to hammer a nail straight without hitting your thumb

-spatial intelligence


-a certain amount of obsessive/compulsive DNA

-pride in one’s craft