Black or almost black female kitten

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i posted this request two or three weeks ago.

my best reply was from the Tillamook Animal Shelter which has a female black kitten. i was slated to pick her up after a week or so, when she had had her shots and they deemed her well.

alas and alack, i filled out an application at the last minute, including the information that cats that live with me have 24/7 access to be outdoors or indoors via a cat door. i then learned that i am disqualified because the shelter will ONLY ADOPT OUT TO INDOOR HOMES.

i was sad for myself, for my cat that would love feline company, and for all the cats and kittens that are doomed to an indoor life.

so i am back in the market for a sweet black, or almost all black, or tortoiseshell, kitten.

i know that sooner or later the right kitten will come my way. she will be well-fed, loved, and have feline companionship.

om peace namaste

lucy brook
you can reach me by email or call me 503-368-3733