Graydon Hallock’s Criminal History

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We the undersigned would like Tillamook County voters to be aware of the criminal history of County Commissioner candidate Graydon Hallock.
The following is only one of several charges related to harassment and reckless endangering of multiple women starting in 2011. He has served jail time and been required to attend various programs on domestic violence and nurturing parenting.
In January, 2015 Graydon Hallock was indicted by the Grand Jury of Tillamook County on several felony and misdemeanor charges arising out of an incident in which he hit the mother of one of his children with his vehicle in the presence of his minor child. He spent time in jail and eventually pled guilty to one class A misdemeanor charge of recklessly endangering another person.
Hallock has also been cited on several occasions in several counties for traffic infractions. Most recently, he was charged in Umatilla County with careless driving and passing in a no passing zone while driving a double trailer commercial vehicle. In March he was found guilty of the latter charge.
These matters are all public record and anyone can use the public computer in the hall at the Tillamook County Courthouse to come to their own conclusions about this candidate.
We do not think Graydon Hallock should hold public office.
Lane deMoll Barbara McLaughlin Vivi Tallman Nehalem Jake Burden Wheeler