Citizens given opportunity for input on Cannon Beach Elementary School Remodel

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Cannon Beach is inviting it citizens to share their ideas on how to use their 1950 Elementary School and Quonset Hut to create a model community center. For years Manzanita citizens have been given a long list of reasons why the Underhill School could not possibly be remodeled for our City Hall. How could the Cannon Beach City Council have made such a poor decision on such an important community project?

We have been told that saving a small piece of what little is left of Manzanita’s past was unimportant. Cost shouldn’t be a consideration because short term rental income is at record levels and can pay for 30 years of debt to build a new City Hall. The Cannon Beach Elementary School remodel is already underway, take the opportunity to go see for yourself on Saturday what yet may be possible in Manzanita.