Crime in local areas

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Reading the Headlight Herald this week, I see that there are problems with crime in Wheeler and also in other local areas. The article says that Law enforcement and city officials are doing all they legally can to get the petty theft problems taken care of. The laws that the voters of Oregon have put into place have made policing and holding criminals accountable extremely difficult and officers are frustrated.

So what laws did WE, the Oregon voters put in place? If we voted for them they must have been on a ballot. And if they were on a ballot – what party put them there? These laws came from the Oregon legislature – obviously the majority party put them on the ballot. I don’t remember anything on the ballot that would keep Oregon police from doing their job. What were these laws WE voted for? I believe these laws are there. Look at votes to defund he police leading to an enormous rise in murders and crime and vandalism in Portland. Where did this all come from?

“We are dealing with a well connected network of people running around stealing property to sell for money,” said a Wheeler local business owner who would like to remain anonymous. The uptick in crime in Tillamook County is raising eyebrows and has people hoping that property thieves will be stopped. Can we stop this? I think we can with better choice in voting. Lets get a balanced legislature.