in2Egress Casting Call – 20 something couple

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Hello. My name is Drew Reid and I am creating a short film called in2Egress this June. Original script/local cast-crew/set around the Nehalem Bay.
PLOT= After 17 years in a state psychiatric facility, Henry Tohl is returning to his home town. Local apprehension is surpassed only by his family’s dread of the truth Henry is bringing with him.
Speaking of Henry, I have found someone far beyond my expectations to become Henry. Now I’m sure we can create something very interesting.
Next I’m looking for a young (over 20-under 30 in appearance) couple to play the parts of young folks struggling to accept the fact that they have passed. A couple because they are fighting and only a real couple could give me those looks.
TIME= Rehearsal is about 2 hours. Filming is 4-6 hours in one day (in theory). No acting background needed, just a desire to shine.
If this is something you both would like to try, contact me at
This is a link to the Casting Call Trailer =
Cheers, Drew.