Meaning Making and Legacy Projects

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Date: April 4th from 6-7:00 p.m. (PST) THIS THURSDAY
Offering: Meaning Making and Legacy Projects
Location: Virtual (Zoom)
Registration (required):
Presenter: Carolina Starrett, MFA and Co-Founder of North Coast EOL Collective

An artist talk and info session on the value of legacy projects in end-of-life care with co-founder Carolina Starrett.

Carolina Starrett, co-founder of the North Coast EOL Collective, explores the intricate structures of families, both physical and psychological, in her work. Originally from Southern California, Carolina contemplates the resilience inherent in each family iteration, considering how stories and language are embedded in the body and transmitted across generations.

With a dual focus on her roles as a doula and artist, Carolina employs materials and processes as tools for celebration and inquiry into how we collect, retain, and honor memories. Her artistic journey delves into the interplay between stories of family, community, and connection, inviting audiences to reflect on the profound capacity of objects to sustain and perpetuate relationships.

Carolina’s work serves as a meditation on the body as a vessel of love and memory, inviting viewers to contemplate the enduring significance of these intertwined elements in the fabric of human experience.