Herbal Workshop & Spa- Learn to Make Salve and Tinctures!

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Hi there BBQ Land!

Just wanted to let you know there’s gonna be a super cool herbal class here at North Fork 53 in a few weeks.

I’ve been wanting to do more hands on workshops for a while now but the tea company kept me too busy to really get it going.

So this spring I asked my friend Julie at Laughing Rabbit Farm up near Astoria if she wanted to come down and share some of her herbal salve and tincture making skills.

Lucky for you, I’ve got a big jar of red poplar bud oil that’s been soaking in my pantry since last year.

So Julies gonna show us how to make the ultimate herbal first aid skin balm (aka the Balm of Gilead).

It’s a beeswax salve that smells delicious- like vanilla amber, and heals sunburn, bug bites, scrapes-even arthritis pain.

She’s also bringing my all time favorite spring herb- nettles!

If you have allergies, anemia or your body just needs a deep green boost after a long winter- nettles are the best.

She’ll show us how to create a nettle tincture from fresh and dried nettles and even how to make nettle pesto.

After the workshop, if you want to really treat your self- you can add on an herbal wood fired sauna and cold plunge where you’ll get a chance to play with a selection of Julie’s herbal skin oils and a clay mask for a nice spring body detox.

If you’ve been wanting learn about herbs but don’t know where to start- this is your chance! Getting hands on with plant medicine is the best way to learn how to make your own.

In just a few hours you’ll learn to make the Balm of Gilead and a Nettle Tincture- plus you’ll get lots of recipes to keep on playing with at home.

Only 12 spots are open so grab yours before they’re gone.
Get your tickets at the link below: