Misc. household and vintage items in Nehalem

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Misc household and vintage items in Nehalem

Antique/vintage wooden two-step stool with hinged door to small storage drawer. $30.
Top step 12-1/2″ by 8-7/8″
Height to top step 10″
Bottom step 4-3/4″ high
Depth 15-3/4″
Width: 12-1/2″
Creamy warm light green color.
Good condition, some wear/worn paint.
Uncertain of exact age, looks like 50s-60s era.

2 wood bookcases $50 each. 
Foldable vertically for storage and easier for transport.
Black with thin dark red on edges. 
Height 6 ft
Width 23”
Graduated depth of shelves from top to bottom. Top 7-3/4”. Bottom: 10-1/2”
Some wear, good condition. Vintage look/feel. Uncertain of age.

Orange Antique Czechoslovakian pottery. Excellent condition.
Tea/coffee pot $30
Sugar bowl $20
Likely from the 50s.

Vintage Hawaiian porcelain vase $20. 5-1/2” tall. Likely vintage, uncertain of age.

Large metal black plant stand. $10. Holds up to 11-3/4”-wide pot. 

Cushioned comfortable adjustable height chair/stool. $40. 
Black hardware/mechanism works fine.
Lowest height 24” approx.
Highest height at seat 30” approx
Width 22”
Depth 24”
Soft gray fabric, some wear. Slight wrinkle in fabric was how it was originally purchased.

Carved ceramic vase. $25
Height 13”
Width of base 7” square
Made by Minnesota artist/potter in the 90s

Email me for photos of the vase, chair, and plant stand if interested.