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– Dearest Riverbend Players, friends, and family,
Hold onto your pink bunny suits, folks, because it’s time to shout hallelujahs louder than Ralphie Parker himself! Our A CHRISTMAS STORY production did the near-impossible: it melted the Grinchiest hearts, defied even the stingiest Old Man Winters, and blazed a trail of holiday cheer brighter than a leg lamp in full bloom.
And how do we measure this monumental victory? Well, prepare to have your tinsel socks knocked off:
Biggest Opening Weekend ever! You, our incredible audience, shattered attendance records right out of the gate, proving your love for Ralphie, Randy, and the Parker clan knows no bounds.
Most attended production in Riverbend Players history! That’s right, you pushed that attendance meter higher than Flick on a triple dog dare. We’re talking standing ovations, curtain calls longer than the line for a Red Ryder BB gun, and a packed house every night.
Highest per-show average in our season! You didn’t just come; you came in droves, proving that community theater thrives on your unwavering support.
Our first official sell-out! Thanks to your insatiable appetite for Christmas and Parker family shenanigans, we had to hang the “No Vacancy” sign on Higbee’s window.
Highest revenue for any Riverbend Players production ever! This isn’t just about numbers. It’s about securing our future, funding future productions, and ensuring that the stage lights stay bright in our little corner of the world.
But let’s face it, these records aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet. They’re the collective applause of countless theatergoers, the infectious laughter echoing through the aisles, the tears of joy (and maybe a little nostalgia) twinkling in your eyes.
They’re the culmination of months of tireless dedication from our cast, crew, and volunteers, who poured their hearts and souls into bringing this iconic holiday tale to life.
So, from the bottom of our snow globe, overflowing with gratitude, we thank you. We thank you for believing in Riverbend Players, embracing the magic of live theater, and proving that a community united by shared laughter and holiday spirit can achieve anything. Our dear audience, you are the true heroes of this “A Christmas Story” saga.
As we close the curtain on this joyous run, we do so with the warm glow of accomplishment and the promise of even more theatrical magic to come. We can’t wait to share the stage with you again, whether it’s under the summer sun or by the twinkling lights of another holiday season.
Until then, remember to keep dreaming big, hold onto your Leg Lamp dreams, and never let your inner Ralphie fade away.
With heartfelt thanks and holiday cheer,
Frank Squillo President, Board of Directors Riverbend Players Community Theater