Gifts for Kids Project

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The Clock is Ticking!

I have a few CHILD TAGS which need filling. CHILD is a program sponsored by the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church. This is a program which gets Christmas gifts, clothing, and toys for children in our community. This note will let you know the age of the child and what is on their Christmas list. You can return these gifts, unwrapped please, to the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church in Nehalem. Tuesday and Thursday are probably good days to take presents to the church. A number to call would be 503-368-5612. If you would like a receipt for your gift, please enclose a receipt and how we might reach you.

Girl-Age 5-Anything to do with Mermaids or Rapunzel
Girl-Age 5-Pants, top, and PJ’s girls’ size 5
Girl-Age 9-Jacket Jr. small and shoes size 3 youth
Girl-Age 9-Jeans size 9 girls, tops and PJ’s girls’ size 8/10
Girl-Age 9-Drawing supplies
Girl-Age 15-Pants miss 6/8, Tops miss medium
Girl-Age 15-Drawing supplies and Brain Games
Girl-Age 15-PJ’s miss large, shoes size 8.5
Boy-Age 9-Jacket boys 10, PJ’s boys 9, Shoes 3 youth, favorite color purple
Boy-Age 9-Pants and tops boys’ size 9
Boy-Age 9-Crocs size 3 youth, RC Car, Squishmallow, dinosaurs, Slippers 3 youth,
Boy-Age 12-PJ’s Men’s small, shoes 7.5
Boy-Age 12-Legos
Boy-Age 12-Sweat Pants, men’s small, tops men’s small
Boy-Age 16-Jacket men’s medium, shoes size 9, favorite color black
Boy-Age 16-Pants 28×30, tops and PJ’s men’s medium
Boy-Age 18-Jacket men’s medium, Shoes size 8
Thanks to all who have helped with this project. You are making a difference for so many families!