2023 Tillamook County Giving Guide and Tillamook Organizations Directories


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Fulcrum Community Resources and the Tillamook County Pioneer are pleased to announce that the 7th annual 2023 Tillamook County Giving Guide is in your mailbox! (If you haven’t received one a list of where you can pick one up will be provided soon. Or check the recycling boxes at your post office!)

Here is the online link to the Guide at the Tillamook County Pioneer:


This year’s guide features profiles of over 45 Tillamook County organizations, a free listing of more than 120 organizations and “Tree of Life” paintings from the Sitka Center’s Youth Program.

Please take the time to check out the guide as Tillamook County is fortunate to call home many organizations that work hard to improve the lives of all its inhabitants. We hope this information will encourage you to support with your dollars and your time, these vitally important organizations. Your generosity is needed and appreciated. And they need our support to continue to make a difference.

Also please check out the full Tillamook County Organizations alphabetical and categorized Directories on the Local Resources page of www.northcoastbbq.com. Besides the contact information provided in the free Giving Guide listing, the Directories include key personnel, mission statements and more information about the organizations.

By making your year-end giving donations locally, you are helping to foster community connections through these organizations and to keep your money circulating here at home.
They impact all aspects of our lives, from health and wellness, sustainability, environmental stewardship, conservation, food security, housing, universal access, women’s issues, children’s well-being, animal welfare, education, and arts and culture, to create a strong and vibrant community. They collaborate and form partnerships which build a culture of efficiency, cooperation and communication. They provide jobs, a trained and inclusive workforce, volunteer opportunities, internships, and training. They give us opportunities to connect, heal and play.

Thank you to all those who have donated, discovered and volunteered in past years!

As a Fulcrum board member said as we were proof reading the guide, “Reading about the groups in the Guide warmed the cockles of my heart!”