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Coming on the 60th year since John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered. During the same period several other bright lights were also extinguished because as a whole they represented a real threat to the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex that Eisenhower warned us about and any major turning towards world wide cooperation was not to be tolerated. It was a pivotal time in so many ways.

Felix Moumie- Africa- 1960
Dag Hammarskjold- Sweden- 1961
Patrice Lumamba- Africa- 1961-
Sylvanus Olympia- Africa- 1963
Medgar Evans- USA- 1963
J F Kennedy- USA- 1963
Malcom X- USA- 1965
Mehdi Ben Barka- Africa-1965
Martin Luther King- USA- 1968
R F Kennedy- USA- 1968
Eduardo Mondlane- Africa- 1969

Niel Oliver telling it:

James H. Kunstler, the flaming pen, tells it:

Dylan, America’s poet laureate, tells it:

Kesinya Simonova, tells it for Ukraine/Russia: