Will BBQ reconsider sharing my final post?

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I have been getting hate mail accusing me of leaving BBQ once I was ‘challenged’. This is not true, so I am asking BBQ to reconsider my final contribution, which contains my response to that challenge.

I am asking this in the name of equity and inclusiveness. It isn’t fair that I was challenged and then got cancelled and was not allowed to respond.

At the very least, this post has an amazing, historic video from 1974, Geraldo Rivera actually, that every American should see. It should be required viewing in every high school history class.

If this doesn’t get posted so be it, but I think it’s only fair.


It’s been fun, but I’m done posting on BBQ. This forum is going back off my radar. My posting on BBQ happened kinda by mistake anyway, after I was told a ‘community member’ took a picture of the bumper stickers on my car and said I was a retard or something like that. I had no other way to respond (his post pissed me off) because I abhor social media, cell phones, etc., mostly a mind-control waste of time in my view (we only live once people, let’s stop staring at those screens), and BBQ was the only way I could think of to address his insult.

And then ya’ll got months of my thinking, some of it appreciated in emails, some of it not (hate mail).

The thing is, I’m really not that interested in continuously educating ya’ll with this three year-old vax stuff. I’m more interested in what the tech/banker/globalist planners have in store for us in the future, other than the ongoing wars. What do they think they are going to do, and how will THEIR plans affect US, if at all? (Their plans usually affect us, big time.)

In fact, I thought my recent Whitney Webb post (the future plans of our overlord tech priests) might be my last, but then I chimed in to defend and thank Dixie for her contributions to the ‘vax’ dialogue on BBQ. (Dixie Gainer! NOT the Dixie that owns the wine shop on Laneda Ave. in Manzanita! And you should go buy some wine from that Dixie! Lots of it! Then go home and drink it while reading the other Dixie’s posts!) Doh!

Anyway, I’ve left a lot of links to great resources if you shot the vax and want to understand what happened to you. None of the links are from the big-tech big-pharma sponsored fact-checkers though. I also left a trail of other links explaining how, in my view, World War Three started and could have been stopped.

But I’m moving on to other stuff with my time, looking more at things being proposed by the tech/banker creeps that might show up a few years down the road, after the wars. And I’m fishing and hunting and working.


This insurance industry article (boring!) is actually a good read. What is causing the excess deaths in young folks? The article doesn’t offer an answer.

I have a guess though.

And I am choosing to use this article as yet another cautionary flag: I still ain’t shooting their junk!

From an insurance-industry trade rag:


I am very curious though, how a military-draft would affect excess-mortality calculations in premiums for young people?

You gotta remember, this is the most diverse administration in U.S. history! This administration is all about equity and inclusiveness!

They will most-assuredly be drafting our young women (if there is a draft), along with our young men, to fight in their wars.

After all of their fake-equity nonsense, they kinda have to draft the young women, you know?

So yeah, will life-insurance be more expensive for 18 year-old girls in the coming year(s)?


And we all better hope that North Korea doesn’t enter the war, because they will clearly out-groove us:


Joking aside (hey, you gotta laugh or you’ll just cry all the time), the world war situation is actually much worse than you probably think. The neo-Cons running the Woke War-Con, aka “Biden”, are very much planning to attack Iran:


And here is yet another great video from John Campbell! Gotta love that natural immunity!

It worked for me! (I got sick, then I got better!)

Then I watched billions of adults shoot a vax into their bodies that they didn’t need.

Then I watched them shoot that nasty junk into the bodies of their children.

And the shots didn’t even help the immune-compromised; the shots hurt/are hurting them, too.

(But now they can sue! Woot woot! Score one for the peeps!)

This talk of John’s is about natural immunity vs. vax immunity, not a hugely controversial thing, just interesting:


Responding to another BBQ post stating Nader should have endorsed Gore, then Gore would have won the Presidency??? Come on now! Gore DID win the Presidency! Bush STOLE it (don’t ya remember?), but Gore was too much of a pansy-*ss to claim his throne! There were ways, he gave up. I think with 9/11 and the neo-con war-pig’s brutal invasion of Iraq coming down the pipe, he likely calculated ‘screw it, history can lay that sh*t on George’. Whatever the case, he would have made a horrible president. Nader shoulda stuck to seatbelts though, I agree with the author there.

Here is a great, historic film of when the CIA/neo-con war-pig bankers murdered RFK, Jr.s uncle, a few years before they murdered RFK, Jr.’s father. And don’t you worry Democrats! RFK, Jr. will NEVER be president of the United States! You heard it here first! The war-pig neocons running today’s Democrat Party will absolutely, undoubtedly, most-assuredly kill him first. I’m sorry to say he doesn’t stand a chance (I’m keeping my RFK, Jr. for prez bumper-sticker on my car anyway). And they will likely kill him soon after he starts running as a 3rd Party candidate and starts spoiling the race for Biden or Gavin or whomever else the woke war-pigs want in power next.

Trump remains the only presidential candidate that can reel-back World War Three, which ‘Biden’ has already started. Trump never would have started these wars. Putin would never have invaded Ukraine if Trump was in power. But methinks the wars will be blown-up to monster-size by the time of the presidential election, so there might not be much that Trump, or anyone else, will be able to do to stop World Wars Woke. (Wars, that’s better)

The CIA even tried to bait Trump into attacking Iran when he was president, he declined. Tucker Carlson and Col. Douglas McGregor advised him, in person, against attacking Iran after the shot-down drone thing. (Trump: (after Iran shot down the old drone the CIA flew down the Iranian coast): “eh, it was old, only worth 2-million dollars…”. Luv it!!!!!!

Moving on to this fascinating piece of history:

Context Geraldo Rivera’s 1974 weekly show “Good Night America”. (A super ironic name when this particular episode aired.)

Hoover’s FBI and Dulles’ CIA took Abraham Zapruder’s Super 8 film footage of the assassination from him (he gave it to them, they didn’t give it back) and hid it from the public for TEN YEARS. The film proves JFK was killed by someone other than Oswald, that he was hit from shots fired in front of him. You can see it in the film for yourself. Oswald, so we are told from Dulles’ assassination report (History!), was behind John. In this video (it’s 60 years later so it no longer matters to the spooks running Google that the vid is displayed on their very useful-to-them YouTube channel), Geraldo Rivera and Dick Gregory show the film to the public for the first time, EVER. Think about that sh*t: ten years later. No cell phone cameras. No cameras on the sides of every building. You had to develop your film, wait days to see what you shot. So nobody saw what actually happened (unless you were there, and many were, and many talked, gotta research it…) for ten years.

When you watch the film and see Jackie climbing onto the back of the limo to pick up the pieces of John’s brain, remember that Oswald is supposedly behind John, firing the shots. He wasn’t, which his why Hoover’s FBI and Dulles’ CIA hid this film from the public for ten years:


And here is my response to Hank’s ‘challenge’ of the John Campbell Switzerland video, which I wrote yesterday, but didn’t get posted for some reason. (I love the ‘challenge’, the dialogue, etc., and I hope we still wave to each other when we pass on North Fork!)


A quote from a ‘reputable fact-checking organization’, linked to in a previous BBQ post:

“It’s being claimed a study by researchers in Switzerland found COVID-19 vaccines cause myocarditis in one in 35 people. This is false. The study found one in 35 participants reported levels of elevated troponin, which is not the same as having the inflammatory heart disease.”

That’s good news????

“It’s all good! I just have elevated levels of troponin, I don’t have myocarditis yet!”

Eh, I’m still not shooting the junk.

How about some research on those glass particles in the Remdisivir thing? That looked legit.

Or some ‘fact-checking’ on that legal case in Michigan that will finally allow folks to sue for their vax injuries?

John Campbell is a beautiful and highly intelligent man. I hate seeing him slandered by the ‘fact-checkers’ like Poynter (sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…and the oil and plastic and vax-loving Koch Brothers) or anyone else. I encourage everyone to watch John Campbell’s videos if you’re into the subject matter he presents.

I screwed up in one of my last posts, and I apologize. I wrote that my friend who is of 40 years, whose doctor told her that her myocarditis is likely from the vax (which was administered locally), “had to go see him twice a week”. I was wrong, and I apologize. She only has to go see him twice a month. I guess that’s good news too.

Oh…and if you want to fact-check that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsors Poynter (used by another to check facts in a previous post), you’ll have to do some fact-checking other than checking your facts with the big-tech-sponsored fact-checkers (basically all of them), and do a wee little bit of actual research.


The ‘Ukraine War’ is over. And just like I said, the negotiation will see Russia getting what it wanted (NATO to go away) before Boris Johnson (UK) killed the peace deal, which he killed by lying to Zelensky and telling him that Biden’s $110,000,000,000 in murderous ‘aid’ would actually help Ukraine.

The Democrats’ ‘aid’ for Ukraine could have seen $300,000,000 for each congressional district. There’s your NCRD money, paved roads, food for the homeless, drug sobriety programs, money for schools so teachers don’t have to strike and kids can actually go to skool, etc. etc.

Spending our money on the above instead of destroying Ukraine would have been very progressive.


Yet still, today, the WSJ ran this advertisement (link) for more war. Apparently the only Ukrainians left for America to kill (we fund it) are the girls:


This is where all that fake-equity leads: the girls get to die too.

Andy Morris