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(The body of this letter was previously emailed to the City of Manzanita, Mayor Deb Simmons, Council Members, and the City Manager Leila Aman.)

I am very embarrassed by the behavior shown at the City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, continuing a behavior not appropriate.

What happened to Roberts Rules of Order, decorum, common courtesy, and politeness?

Mr. Spegman’s behavior toward Mayor Simmons was despicable, bullying and aggressing and reprimanding her, while she was speaking, showed all of us how out of line you are. You and the other councilors and the city manager are a microcosm of the national lack of civility the last few years.

Mayor Simmons has been endlessly polite and has tried to operate as a professional with integrity, following the rules of the city charter and the city.
For example, learning that Mr. Spegman and Ms. Kozlowski had formed an “ad hoc” committee against the city’s rules, didn’t cause her to yell at the two of you. But, her pointing out your thwarting of the rules was too much for you.

Mr. Spegman used to be an attorney, so he should know better!

Why did no one step up to defend Mayor Simmons, and try to control Mr. Spegman? His anger and hate and frustration were so excessive and inappropriate.

A number of citizens, some months ago, during public comments, called out the behavior of the entire council and city manager toward Mayor Simmons. So, you are aware how the citizens feel about your collective behavior.

“Residency” does not specify ownership of home or renting, etc.
“Residency” does not deny one’s ability to leave the city limits for whatever reason the person chooses.
“Residency” does not demand that you need permission to visit or go shopping or whatever you want or need to do. If it does, none of us are residents.

Instead of applauding Mayor Simmons’ dedication to our community, you attacked her.

Two of the council members are brand new, filling positions open by resignation, and APPOINTED by THREE people. Mayor Simmons was ELECTED to her position, receiving 356 votes from the community, more than the two councilors elected the same day: Mr. Mayerle, 307 votes and Ms. Kozlowski, 294 votes.
Mayor Simmons probably had even more supporters, since many do not vote for a person running unopposed.

Many of us are upset by the continued behavior of the councilors and city manager, including trying to contaminate Mayor Simmons by extensive public opinion pieces.

The results of the “complaint” and “resolution” should be made available to the public. Too much has been kept from the community, even though many have asked for financial and other details. The community is paying the bills!

What are you hiding from the public? How are we supposed to trust you?

If you want the support of the entire community, you need to act as responsible adults and apologize, and change your behavior, and start treating the citizens and the mayor and your fellow councilors honorably.

Our entire world is in chaos, and our community should be better than this!

Sandy Wood

P.S. If you would like to view the video of the incident being referenced above, the video is posted on the City of Manzanita’s website, at the end of the regular session meeting on 11-08-2023 at the 1:38:38 timestamp mark.