Go Fund Me for Sharla Smith – please help if you can

Submitted By: Christy@cosmichealingnw.com – Click to email about this post
Hello BBQ Community-
I started this Go Fund me to help support Sharla Smith, our neighbor and friend, who is in desperate need, through no fault of her own. Her house was old and frail. They did earth compacting for a 24 unit apartment building project in back of our houses, for weeks on end. This broke the tub drain, which then comprised the bathroom. As they were working on repairs, one thing led to another, rot and black mold were uncovered throughout. Her house has become completely unlivable. Now, as winter is starting, she must go through the process of ripping down her home, and trying to figure out what to do next. I’m asking for help creating funds for her to use to at least build shelter for the winter, maybe even enough for a new home, if we can make it happen. I am starting with an amount that would help purchase the materials needed for a small stick built shelter, or purchase a small travel trailer- but again, if possible, please let’s try and go above and beyond to help fund a new home, where she can feel safe, and secure for many years to come. Sharla is an vital part of our community, giving love to us for many years. Now let’s give it back to her. Thank you!
Here’s the link to her Go Fund me – please donate if you can, and please share the link with others, so we can reach our goal, and get Sharla into safe shelter.
Deep Gratitude for you and our community!
-Christy Kay