Asking for donations

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The cold and rainy weather is here again and some of our neighbors can really use a bit of help. The Food Pantry at Nehalem Methodist Church also has a clothing bank as you know and we also provide things like sleeping bags, tarps, tents, other outside gear when we have it. All made possible by your generous donations. I have also noticed that sometimes we have a client who is without a car, is walking, and that can sometimes affect how much food they are able to get. If they had a backpack it could really help make a difference for them. This doesn’t always mean they are homeless, or don’t have a job, they just don’t have a car. If you have a backpack you are not currently using, we can use it! And of course we can take clothing, tents, tarps, other outside gear you may have as well. A financial donation can also help us purchase non food items.

The church is located at 36050 10th St, near the Nehalem Post Office and is open Fri, Sat, Monday from 10-2 and Wed 12-4. Thank you for your continued support and assistance and if you have some free time, we would enjoy having you volunteer with us!
Kathleen Larson